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10 Amazing Asoebi Style We Found In the Internet


Looking for that best outfit to wear to that function? Look no further, all you need is to select from the list of these Asoebi styles we have handpicked for you from the internet,

in the list below you would find hot Aso Ebi styles, asoebi styles for wedding and Asoebi Lace styles. These are trending and unique styles that would leave everyone staring at you in that function or event.


Aso Ebi is a type of clothing worn by family during wedding or burial ceremony; it is coined from the Yoruba word “Aso”  which means clothing and “Ebi” which means family, simply put, it’s a cloth mostly worn in groups, you find these fashion of clothing amongst Africa, predominantly worn by Nigerians.

Wearing Aso-Ebi to an event sends/conveys a lot of meaning.

 Firstly, it depicts unity, love for culture, peace and lots more, it also serves as a . of identification of each family in an event, aso-ebi could better be referred to as a uniform, but this doesn’t mean that each family member can’t customize their own just the way they like.


Aso-ebi is not only worn by family members alone; friends and well-wishers can also wear the same asoebi fabric to an event. It depicts support, love, and affection to the family in question, supporting them in t. most colorful attire.

Talking about weddings, all brides want to be the talk of the town. A well-sown cloth never goes unnoticed by everyone.

In Nigeria, marriage preparation is never complete without the Aso-Ebi.

In this context, Aso-Ebi refers to a material or uniform chosen by the bride to be worn by only some selected families,  friends, and well-wishers, and they can be different colors and fabric in a single wedding, imagine how colorful it would be.


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