10 Best Nail Art Videos at Home


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Now you can make your nails look awesome by watching the best nail art videos at home. There are several nail art designs that you can even imagine. If you want to learn some of these nail designs then you can follow the instructions from these videos. Here, we will give you the best nail art videos that you will surely love. Just follow each step accurately and enjoy making your beautiful nail design. Nail designs have become a major fashion statement all over the world. Every girl would love to get it done in order to look awesome and unique. However, not all women have the time to visit a parlor to try one of these beautiful nail designs. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done. Nail art can be easily done at home by watching nail art videos.

With all the beautiful nail art designs out there, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish which ones are DIY. To help you in turning your nails into an amazing work of art, we’ve gathered some of the best nail art videos. Here are some of our favorites:

Best Nail Art Videos at Home

1. Pretty In Pink

If pink is your favorite color then you might want to try some of these amazing designs.

2. Daisy Inspired Nails

Dotted flower nail designs are easy and pretty!

3. DIY French Nail Art

Here are the different ways of achieving a French nail art design at home.

4. Cute Strawberry Nail Art

This is a perfect nail art design for the summer!

5. Stickers For Nail Art

If you want to learn about stickers for nail art then this is the perfect video for you.

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6. Simple Nail Art Videos

This is a compilation of easy DIY nail art videos.

7. Flower Nails

This is an easy and simple way of creating flower nail art designs. Perfect for beginners and can be worn on any occasions.

8. Fishnet Pattern Nail Art Designs

Using a striping tape can let you create an awesome nail art design.

9. Newspaper Nail Art

Newspaper nails may look complicated but it’s actually very simple to create.

10. Leopard Nail Art

This is  a unique design that you can easily do at home.

How To Choose The Best Nail Art Design

Nowadays, there are a lot of nail art designs that you can choose from. You can use different nail polish colors in creating an artistic design on your nails. It is practical to use an acrylic paint that is water-based so that you can easily modify your art as you go along. This is a better choice than oil paint such as nail polish. Another option is stickers. You will peel it off then stick it on your nails. There are amazing varieties and they really look nice. Stickers are very common in fact you can buy them at your local stores. After placing the stickers, don’t forget to apply a top coat.

Another option is the airbrush art. Your chosen stenciled design will be spray painted on your nail using an airbrush. Through the years, airbrush art has quickly faded. Today, you can hardly find anyone doing airbrushed nail art design. During the early years, real gold and diamond studs were drilled into the nail. Why is it not used anymore? It’s a beautiful nail art but there were some drawbacks. Now, easy and simpler nail art designs are being used. There are a variety of options for color gel and color acrylic. Adding bling to your nail color can make it look awesome. Fabulous and simple too!

Simple nail art designs can be easily done using different tools and learning from nail art videos. If you do not want to spend money then you can use your own home supplies. You can even create your own stickers at home.

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