Add drama to your style with a pixie cut hairstyle.

This hairstyle with make you look fashionable without trying and Kenyan singer, Size 8 is already killing it with her pixie cuts. The pixie cut can be achieved with a weave or relaxed hair. The color options vary from blonde, maroon to blue. They are exquisite for women who love short hairstyles. The cut is easy to maintain because it requires little to no combing.

Remember to keep your hairline well oiled and baby hairs styled.

These are some of the most beautiful looks.
1. Blonde curly cut.

2. Maroon pixie cuts.

3. Black curly weave.
4. Tapered pixie cut.

Which color is your favorite? . are times Adele Onyango Inspired our hairstyles.

4 Wavy Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

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