10 Most Popular Female Sex Toys


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Female sex toys are meant to pleasure her and allow her to climax on her own. Whether you are simply a spectator that likes to watch her masturbate or you want these for yourself, you need to know the most popular brands on the market.

When the night is cold and you have nothing to keep you stimulated and happy, a toy can provide a world of pleasure – minus the talking, reciprocation and strings.

Reviews of The Top 10 Female Sex Toys

Toy #1 – Ceramix No.12 Ribbed Large Bullet Vibrator (£75.00)

Ceramix No. 12 Ribbed Large Bullet VibratorThe ideal alternative to plastic or rubber, the Ceramix No.12 is packed with pleasure and comes in a retro white and black color.

It comes with:

  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • 6 Speed settings
  • Base button for one-tap use
  • Easy to clean exterior
  • Completely waterproof

The price of this model is just £75.00, which makes it very affordable and a must-have toy to add to your collection. The Ceramix No. 12 comes with everything you need to have a good time.

Pay attention: The thinner portion is terrific for anal insertion and the vibrator does become much bigger as you push it further into yourself. With 6 speed options, you will have fun all night long!

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Toy #2 – Ora by Lelo ($169.00)

LELO ORA Midnight Blue Clitoral VibratorAre you the type of woman who loves oral? Ora brings oral pleasure right into your hands like never before. This small product has fast licks, swirls and is so discreet that you could leave it right on your dresser and no one would know that this was meant for “kinky times”. It is that great.

The best thing about the Ora is that it is packed with features, including:

  • 10 Stimulation modes
  • 100 Percent waterproof
  • Smooth, silicone design
  • Intense setting for very powerful licks

This product was a winner at Cannes Lions 2014 and is packed with oral pleasure. The silicone feel is very close to the feel of a human tongue, and the buttons are discreet and easy to use.

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Keep in mind: With the ability to control the lick and swirl pattern along with 10 different modes, users will enjoy an intense, pleasure-filled orgasm. This product costs $169 and is worth every penny.

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Toy #3 – Tango by We-Vibe ($79.99)

We Vibe Tango Lipstic VibratorThe tango may not have you stimulated like a Latin lover, but it comes very close to being as sensual. This vibrator comes with pleasure from every inch provided. The best part is that it is rechargeable and pocket-sized.

This toy features:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Rechargeable USB cable
  • 2 Hour usability with low energy alert
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 8 Powerful vibration modes

The variety of vibrations go from soft and sensual to cha-ching! With a 90 minute charge and a 2 hour battery life, users will be left with more orgasms than they could have ever hoped for. The Tango costs $79 and is so quiet and portable that you can use it anywhere without drawing any attention to yourself.

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Toy #4 – Ami by Je Joue 3 Step Kegel System ($72.60)

Ami By Je Joue 3 Step Kegel SystemEveryone has heard of Kegel exercises before, but have you been doing them to increase your sexual pleasure? Oftentimes, people forget that they can significantly improve their orgasm intensity by simply performing Kegels.

Ami has created a 3 step system that aims to help you do these exercises like never before. This includes:

  • Beginner – advanced weights
  • Weights of 47 – 106 g
  • Girth of 4.3 – 3.6 inches
  • Length of 3.14 inches

For just $64, this product will you have tighter than ever before with an immense increase in pleasure. This is a natural way to make intercourse feel better for you and him. The gradual system makes Kegel exercises seem more natural and fluid than ever before.

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Toy #5 – OhMiBod 3.OH Music Vibrator ($59.00)

OhMiBod Original Music Wireless VibratorA music driven vibrator that has manual as well as musical modes that make it active in special rhythm. This is a completely new way to masturbate and allows you to stimulate more senses at once with audio and touch senses working together for the perfect orgasm.

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This product features:

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  • Manual & music model
  • 7 Manual modes
  • 5.5” That can be inserted
  • 1 1/8 Inches of girth
  • Works with smartphones & Mp3 players
  • Works with stereos, computers & more

This is one of the best $59 you will ever spend. By working with your audio senses, you will feel an orgasm like never before. Play music and let the vibrator work with the sound or flip to manual mode and choose 7 different settings of pleasure.

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Toy #6 – Special Restraint Tape by Kiki De Montparnasse ($40.00)

Special Restraint Tape By Kiki De MontparnasseRestraint tape is simple, fun and effective. This does not come with any features to boast about besides its black color and non-stick surface.

It will only stick to tape so users never have to worry about hair or skin being irritated or pulled in the process. Restraint tape costs on $40 and provides you with infinite possibilities to play out your most kinky fantasies.

Keep in mind! This is the perfect product for him or her and will expand the possibilities in the bedroom greatly.

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Toy #7 – SORAYA by Lelo ($199.00)

LELO Soraya Cerise Dual Action VibratorSoraya was made famous on Sex in the City and is now available for $199. This is a dual action vibrator meant to provide you with two pleasure possibilities at once. This model is simple to use and is made out of flexible material that conforms to your anus and vagina.

The Soraya features:

  • Flexible material
  • 8 Adjustable speeds & patterns
  • 4 Hours of charge
  • Rechargeable
  • 4.3” Insertion length
  • Non-irritating silicone design
  • Waterproof
  • 3 Unique colors


This model is user-friendly and truly hits all of your erogenous points like never before. When trying to get to your next big orgasm, this is the vibrator we recommend.

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Toy #8 – Suki Dildo ($219.00)

Suki Exclusive Glass Dildo By LiberatorThe Suki Dildo is very unique and looks more like a piece of art than a night of pleasure. The product’s unique characteristics do not hold it back from filling its purpose and filling it well.

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The Suki model features:

  • Glass exterior
  • 7.5 Inch length
  • Rough head design
  • Storage bag
  • Handcrafted

This is not your standard dildo, but it is designed to hit the G-spot and does exceptionally well. This is glass, so there are no moving parts or any special modes. The unique design works exceptionally well and 7.5” in length should be large enough to help small and big women alike reach orgasm. The price for this exceptional product is $219.

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Toy #9 – We Vibe III ($159.00)

We Vibe 3 RedThe We Vibe III is meant for couples that want to experience a fun time together. Made from silicone, this model works very well, but it is much smaller than what users may expect.

This is the toy that is recommended for female couples due to its amazing possibilities. The We Vibe III features:

  • 3” Length
  • 1” Diameter
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 9 Vibration modes
  • Small size for discreet carrying
  • Near silent motor

At $159.00, this vibrator is ideal for couples that want to have a little insertion fun without the help of a man. While not long in size, this model’s intense vibration more than makes up for its short length.

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Toy #10 – Sybian Machine ($1,345.00)

Sybian Female Pleasure MachineThe Sybian Machine first became a household name when Carmen Electra decided to demonstrate the toy on radio. Now, this product provides women with the most realistic sexual experience possible.

Some even say that this is better than a man. The Sybian machine features:

  • Motorized engine
  • Seat
  • Various attachments
  • Vibration base

This is the most sophisticated model on the planet and comes at a cost of $1,345. Users will get the stool, various attachments, lube and a cover. This is the best hands-free orgasm on the market and works extremely well at stimulating the G-spot.

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