10 Must Have Baby Items You Need In Your Hospital Bag For Delivery


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Simple and straight requirements for your baby bag for delivery Here we go:

1. Newborn Diapers:

Buy baby diapers from a reputed brand. Your baby’s skin is going to be extremely sensitive. Try to stock up more than one brand, a backup in case one doesn’t suit your baby.

2. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly):

It works like magic while protecting your baby’s soft skin. Apply near buttocks every time you change her diaper. Buy regular diapers and not the ones with fragrance. My 8-month old baby girl never has had rashes, thanks to the petroleum jelly.

3. Baby Wipes:

Be sure to watch and learn from the nurses how to clean the sensitive area with baby wipes. In a few days you will master this art using just one wipe most of the times.

4. Baby Clothes:

Onesies or Full-rompers are the best. Choose clothes for your baby based on the weather conditions in your locality. Keep at least 10 sets in your bag; you might end up doing multiple changes.

5. Baby Blanket:

Make sure you choose a soft one, which provides warmth while keeping your baby cozy.

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6. Swaddle:

Basically a big, thin, cotton/muslin cloth. Watch videos on how to swaddle your baby. Babies love the cuddled feeling that a swaddle provides, just like your womb. In all likelihood you may get it wrong the first couple of times, but you definitely will master it in the coming days.

7. Mittens, Booties, Cap:

If it’s cold or if you have the air conditioning on, you will need these to cover up the little one.

8. Baby Wash & Baby Lotion:

You can provide the bathing products that you would like your baby to have his/her first bath with. Carry the travel size case for ease.

9. Baby Towel with Hood:

They also make for cute first pictures.

10. Baby Nail Clipper:

Your baby may come out with really long finger & toe nails and it is going to be a little scary, at the beginning to clip their nails. So, just ask the nurse to do it for you the first time.


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