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10+ Reasons Nigerian Celebrities Marriages Fail

It seems to be a norm for celebrities to buzz in and out of my marriage like a fashion trend following the recent Tonto Dikeh messy divorce saga.

Most celebrities are not ready to handle the fame that comes their way. Fame makes them look like kids in the spotlight. And with fame, most times comes the pressure to walk down the aisle.


For most celebrities, the problem sometimes is that money makes them feel they can ‘buy’ anything, including love. For others, it makes them view the idea of marriage from the business perspective.

It goes to such length that it becomes a competition amongst peers to see who hosts the most elaborate, expensive and most talked about weddings in the country, disregarding the preparation for the days after the wedding called MARRIAGE!


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In the latest list of the Nigerian celebrities marriages that have gone awry include that of Tonto Dikeh and Churchill;  Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry; Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz, Emeka Ike and Suzzanna Emma, Lilian Esoro and Ub Franklin, to mention but a few.


Amidst the chaos, we bring you top reasons why these Nigerian celebrities marriages tend to fail despite  efforts to make it work.

Reasons Why Nigerian Celebrities Marriages Fail

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh And Churchill

1. Infidelity

Like in the Tonto Dikeh and Tiwa Savage case, this is a major reason for most marriage failures among celebrity couples. The cause of this may be attributable to a number of factors; First, the nature of their career may make them vulnerable to certain situations, thereby causing them to be tempted.

Trust is one of the great virtues to build among couples and it takes trustworthy persons to remain stable in a relationship. When broken (in a relationship, marriage), the consequences are dire.


Nothing justifies infidelity in marriage, it only takes self-respect and strong morals to remain faithful. Unfortunately, many have been lured by greed and quest for more.

2. Measuring Up To Public Standards

Like was the case of Tonto Dikeh who claimed she bought herself a car, a phone and an expensive ring (which she initially told the world bought for her by her ‘loving’ husband) just to keep up appearances and meet up public expectations, this is one one the reasons celebrity marriages crash.


The drive to keep yourself abreast and afloat with current trends, satisfy the insatiable expectations of their fans fuels the ambition of these couples and most times leaves a strain on their marriages that become irreparable.

3. Unbridled Ego

It is almost certain that couples who are both high-profile celebrities in their own rights would drag for the limelight, especially when they are both in the same industry. But marriage should be all about compromises . and there and not about who wins the bragging rights.


Couples should be supportive to one another and reach a consertion. Dating periods should be used to agree on how the marriage would work better.

4. Unnecessary Social Media Flaunts

It is a general knowledge that social media; Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, has become a lifeline or rather, fame booster for famous and aspiring celebrities to garner recognition and followers. But as there’s a limit to everything, so it is to exposures.


Several observations have shown that it is increasingly becoming difficult for some celebrities to separate and maintain their public life from private home affairs.

Not everybody is crazy about media exposure, therefore if your spouse is too sensitive toward media publications, you might want to put that into consideration and find a way to keep them out of it.


Withdrawing your family, wealth, acquisitions from the prying eyes of the public with do your marriage a whole lot of good in the end.

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Tonto Dikeh
Tiwa Savage And Tee Billiz

5. The Alluring Nature Of Fame

Being famous can be overwhelming and most times a feeling of power and pride follows. For others, it can be intimidating especially for a spouse who doesn’t understand the demands of the entertainment world.

Female celebrities are usually vulnerable to this since a typical Nigerian husband would want his wife to perform her marital duties and vice versal.

If partners are not supportive or encouraging toward each other’s career or goal, then the marriage may never last. But then it takes courage and lots of sacrifices (endurances, tolerance, reconsideration, leniency, obedience) for a famous celebrity to attain a certain level of balance between a great career and a great home.


6. Getting Married For All The Wrong Reasons

Everybody make mistakes, but in marriage, the damage is almost irreversible. Many celebrities marriages today have ended because the reason they choose their partners was wrong in the first place.

Yes! Every celebrity relationship has its advantages – beauty, fame, sex, wealth, power, politics, media attention, etc but all these could also be a risky foundation for a marriage to be founded on.


For reasons other than love, respect, attraction, admiration, trust, understanding and acceptance, couples will continue to have problems in the marriage. The former can be an extra advantage, but should never be a priority because they fade away.

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7. Domestic Violence

It is called domestic abuse because it involves physical violence and this has become the hottest trending topic in celebrities marriages. Lately, many cases have been reported by some Nigerian celebrities and other individuals since last year. And we wonder why it happens to such prominent public figures.

Among other things, the causes of domestic violence include stress, provocation, disagreement, depression, jealousy and envy, economic hardship, etc.


8. The Media And The Rumors

The curse of fame in Nigeria is that your private and personal life is taken from you – but that’s for whoever wants it to be so as a certain Queen Nwokoye will make us understand. Everything about a celeb is displayed on the tabloids, social media for the world to read, discuss and believe including RUMOURS!

You will be more than astonished at the results or effect that may have on a celebrity marriage if there is a sense of insecurity on part of the couple.

Tonto Dikeh
Mercy Aigbe And Lanre Gentry

9. Choosing The Wrong Partner

Compatibility remains one of the best criteria for a lifetime relationship. The rate of divorce among celebrities has become so alarming that one begins to wonder why?

We must admit that it’s not easy to find the right partner, but every other time you must ask if you’re the right person for that union. One thing is certain, everything that starts wrong ends badly.

Therefore you must listen to your heart and conscience to discover your inner feelings towards a potential marriage partner.


10. Pressure

The pressure to get married for celebrities is always high and multi-dimensional. From the bank account to the fans, their parents and an agent who thinks it will raise their profile and bring more endorsement deals, everyone is pushing them to something that pressure shouldn’t be the foundation of.

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Others reasons may include:

Misplaced Priorities – Career over marriage, family


Unmet Expectations

Lack of “Alone” time


Constant Temptations



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