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10 Signs He Is In Fact Flirting With You!



When a guy starts talking to you out of the blue, and you find him rather intriguing, it may be difficult to tell whether he’s actually interested in you or just being nice. He may be checking you out of the grocery store, taking your order at a restaurant, or sitting behind you in class. Wherever he is, he’s talking to you often but you simply can’t tell his intentions. So, is he flirting or just being nice? Here’s 10 signs that he is in fact flirting with you!

1. You Catch Him Smiling at You Often
Someone who is not interested in you isn’t going to be looking your way all too often, so if you catch a guy smiling at you all the time, it’s a definite sign he is interested. After all, when you see someone you like you don’t want to take your eyes off of them and they certainly make you smile without doing a single thing, right?


2. He Tries to Impress You
Men try to impress women that they like. It’s written in their DNA or something! If you notice that he’s always trying to impress you- whether it’s something small like a kickflip on a skateboard or something bigger like showing you he can lift up to 300 pounds- take it as a sign he is trying to get you to notice something unique about him.
3. He Goes Out of His Way to Talk to You
If he is just being nice, he will talk to you because he has to, or because you’re nearby and he feels like chatting. But if he is actually going out of his way to converse with you, it means he is interested and wants to learn more about you. So pay close attention!
4. He Tries to Get Your Phone Number
There would be no reason for a guy to want your phone number if he wasn’t absolutely interested in you. But he will probably try to be sly about it. Whether he asks you for your number to ‘send you some information on the homework’ or simply comes out and asks you for it so the two of you can keep chatting, it’s a sign he isn’t just being nice.

5. He’s Excited When You Have Similar Interests
So the two of you are chatting and you happen to mention how you love rock and roll music. He instantly gets a huge, excited smile on his face and says something like “Wow, me too!” He seems to be extremely happy the two of you share an interest and you spend the next hour discussing your favorite bands and some of the coolest concerts you’ve been to. But why’s he so excited? It’s simple. He likes you, and knowing that the two of you share a common interest is exciting for him because it makes him like you more and he knows the two of you can enjoy something together. Perhaps he will burn you a rock and roll CD or ask you out to a concert? Who knows the possibilities!
6. He Playfully Teases You
It’s something boys start doing in kindergarten and they really never stop: they tease the girl they like. It’s silly and trivial but hey, it’s a sure sign he likes you. So when he’s playfully teasing you don’t get offended by it, remind yourself that this is just a silly sign he actually has a crush on you.

7. A Little Bit of Flirty Touching
We all know the flirty touches- he touches your arm, he gives you big bear hugs, he might put his hand on your thigh for a second when you’re talking- simple touches like that is a sign he’s interested. We naturally want to get close to people we like, so you can definitely take flirty touching as something more than just a casual, nice thing.
8. He Mentions Sex
As humans we want to get close to people we’re interested in, which is why we engage in flirty touching. However, inside our minds we may go a bit *further* with our actions, hoping to ONE day get that chance. While he can’t get you into his bed as quickly as he may like, he will definitely throw in a few sex jokes now and then or say something sexy to you. And believe me, a man who isn’t interested in you is NOT going to say anything like that!
9. He Genuinely Compliments You
For most people, a casual compliment doesn’t really mean anything; it’s just being nice. But a genuine compliment? That’s something completely different. Pay close attention to the way he compliments you. A simple “Awesome shirt!” may just be a nice compliment while a “Wow, you look beautiful today” is something a lot deeper.


10. He Acts Differently Around You
When a man likes a woman, he naturally acts differently around her. Maybe he gets a lot calmer or a lot nicer. Maybe he gets nervous and starts to stutter a bit or perhaps he turns into a big goofball. If you notice this guy acting a bit differently than he normally does when he comes around you, he’s probably interested in being more than friends; and it’s probably not even something he can control, it just naturally happens!

After going through all these signs, do you think the guy who’s chatting you up is just being nice or does he want something more? Share your stories!



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