10 Signs You Are Just Using Him For s*x


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Ask yourself these 10 questions to determine if you’re using someone for s*x.

1. Are you always trying in seduction mode? You can’t help it if you’re really good at flirting.

2. Do you only contact them at night? You’re booked solid during the day.

3. Do you get frustrated when you invite a guy over to Netflix and chill, and he actually wants to watch something on Netflix? What is this, 2013?

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4. Do you want to get right to the s*x? You can barely stifle your yawn when he starts talking about his work or what his goals are for the next year. Seriously, could you just shut up and touch me?

5. Would you be interested in meeting his friends or family? If your gut response is “Hell no!” then it’s just s*x.

6. Do you pray he won’t want to spend the night? You sleep better alone and you have a busy day tomorrow.

7. Do you make sure to never mistakenly leave something at his place? You don’t need an excuse to see him again; if you want to, you’ll just text him.

8. Can you go more than three dates without having s*x? There’s really no point in waiting.

9. Do you feel you can’t confide in him about anything emotional? You’ve got your girlfriends and family to share these things with, not some hookup.

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10 .Do you secretly fear that mind-blowing s*x is the only way to get someone to love you? You have a lot of confidence in your looks and ability to s*x it up, but not so much in the real you.​

Ladies, this is 2016, zip up and make smart choices. abstinence remains the best option. say no to s*x before marriage.

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