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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants You To Break Up With Him


Do you happen to be one of the many in a relationship with things suddenly feeling and looking weird, here are 5 signs that might point to the fact that he wants you to break up with him.

1. He Flirts with other girls in your presence


Only he is stupid then he will know doing such will warrant a long break in the relationship. When  your man starts flirting with others while you can see either in person or on social media, its a clear sign he is done with you.

2. Frequency of Calls And Text Suddenly reduces


The one man who could not go a day without calling or texting three to four times a day suddenly is too busy to call or text just once a day, he wants you to be a man and end it with him.

3. He picks fights at every chance


He used to be the one who never paid so much attention to little things and would do anything to avoid a quarrel, now he picks a fight with you at any slight chance, yes, end of the line.

4. He avoids your calls and text


He used to pick up your calls on the first ring and could send text back and forth with you without slowing down at work, now, he avoids your calls and can’t even reply text messages no matter how important it is, time to hit the road.

5. He doesn’t make future plans anymore


There use to be a time you both sat down and made future plans, now he can’t even use future tenses while chatting with you, sure sign it’s over on his end.

6. He doesn’t want to go out with you anymore


You guys use to have so much fun taking evening walks, visiting fun places or just sitting in the park, suddenly he doesn’t want to do all these stuff, he’d rather sit at home than be seen with you, am sure you do not need a soothsayer to tell you he wants out of the relationship.

7. He doesn’t make an attempt at trying to make up after a fight


Before now, he would be the first to apologize after a fight even if he wasn’t at fault, now, with you not being at fault and still not getting an apology or even getting yours accepted, boyfriend really is fed up.

8. He starts picking his words during conversation


If he starts using two to three syllables during important discussions, he sure doesn’t want to talk to you and just wants things to end.

9. He starts pushing you away


When a man wants things to end and doesn’t know how to, you see him getting angry at no just cause, always in a bad mood and won’t be able to talk about it or express himself. In all, he just wants you far away from him.

10. He puts a lock on his phone


You have been together for years or months and not once did he put a passcode on his phone, suddenly he has one on it, yes, he has moved on and just wants you to do the same already.


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