10 Things, Guys Should Not Do While Flirting


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Sometimes a desperate man does dumb things when he is smitten over a girl, and this drives the woman running miles away from him. If you are looking for love, it is very important to take it slow and easy, even though the mind may seem restless and anxious. When it comes to dating, there are some of the weird and crazy things guys do to put a lady off and, at the same time, they think it is impressive. Gentlemen, you should know that women are not like you, we don’t like the out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to flirting; and when a man shows how desperate he is for love, it is genuinely a scary thought to say yes to that person.

Most women resent the idea of dating men who go overboard with the rules of flirting. If you are making a pass at a woman, try to keep the eye contact to a minimum, stop pretending to be someone you’re not and don’t push yourself to be humorous. Likewise, here are a few more things that you guys should not do while flirting. Allow yourself to enjoy the evening and get to know the girl first before taking that wrong step:

1.Don’t Overdo The Eye Contact

The first rule to flirting is to maintain eye contact. But, when you push your luck with the staring, it will seem very creepy to the lady you’re on a date with.

2.Forget Those Pickup Lines

Pickup lines are so ancient. If you think you’re interested in the lady across the room, pick up a decent and smart conversation with her instead.

3. Don’t Go Overboard With Humour

It is your duty to be funny, but don’t make the mistake of insulting her while you crack up those jokes. Going overboard with the humour can also be annoying to the ears.

4. Stop Pretending

Being yourself is the most important rule when it comes to flirting. If you pretend to be someone you are not, there is no way she is going to fall in love with the right person.

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5. Don’t Show Desperation

Yes, we all know how desperate you are to get a girl to love, but don’t show your desperateness. Hold a grip on yourself and do not go around liking her random pictures from 1954.

6. Don’t Be A Head Banger

Yes, we women are aware that men are the better listeners when it comes to a relationship. But, don’t overdo it by shaking your head continuously every time she speaks to you.

7. Don’t Throw Your Wallet Open

The lady knows that you want to impress her, but don’t do it with money. On the first date it is always nice to go dutch.

8. Never, Ever Show Off

If you want to impress her with the flirting, never make the mistake of showing off in front of her. Be yourself and be normal, she will fall head over heels with the real you.

9. Maintain That Distance

Don’t take that extra step forward and get too close to her while speaking. It will totally invade her personal space and she will in turn think of you to be creepy.

10. Are You The Touchy Type?

Just because she’s okay with your hand around her waist, doesn’t mean she wants to be in constant touch to know you exist.

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