10 Things Not To Say In Bed While With Your Partner


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Every woman knows that there are certain topics that should never be brought up in bed – finances are a real libido killer, as is any story about a gynecological problem of your mother’s. But did you know there are a whole host of other things you just should not, ever, utter while in the throes of passion with your man? There are obvious answers, of course, such as “is that all?” or “is it over?” but here are some more examples of things that should not be said while in bed.

1. Is it in yet? If you have to ask, chances are, neither of you will like the answer.

2. I want to have a baby! Believe it or not, between the sheets is not necessarily the best time to make this pronouncement. There are other places, and other times, when you and your man should discuss this desire, mutually.

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3. Shh… be quiet …my mother (daughter, son, sister, etc) is a light sleeper. What a way to kill the mood…

4. On second thought, let’s turn out the lights. If you really feel you can’t face your partner in full light, just make up a sexy excuse to turn off the lights (oh, it’s so mysterious this way!)

5. So you woke me up for that? Remember the old adage your mother taught you… if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

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6. Do you think we should repaint the bedroom red? This goes along with any other mental distractions that might be going on in your head but that your man need not be privy to right at this exact time… like, “are we out of bread?” or making a to-do list… it might be ok in your head, but not out loud.

7. This is my first time. If this is a true statement, while you’re in the throes of passion is not the best time to clue your guy in on this little fact. Make sure to let him know before you hit the sheets, not during, as it might change the overall outcome a bit.

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8. Wow, you sweat a lot! This is not exactly a compliment, and I’m sure your man does not need you to point out the obvious. He may be sweaty, but at least he’s into it!

9. When would you like to meet my parents? Another reference to dear old Mom and Dad that occurs in the wrong place, at the wrong time.


10. That was f.orεplay? Not the best time to criticize your guy’s attempts at f.orεplay. Next time, show him what you want, if you have to. Remember — some men need lots of instruction in this area!

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