10 Things Successful People Do Before Going To Sleep


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Do you want to be a success? If you do, then it seems that what you do, just before you go to sleep, is just as important, as what you do during the day. So, if you want to become an overnight success, read these ten things that successful people do, before they close their eyes at night:

1. They know when to stop

The first thing your need to understand about successful people is that they know when to call it a day. There will always be, just one more email to read or one more paragraph to write, but successful people know how to draw a line under their working day, and just stop working.

2. They get some quality time with their loved ones

When they’ve switched off the computer and put down the pen, successful people then make the most of their time with family and friends. If they say they will read a story to their kids, then they will read it, because they know the value of down time, as well as they do value a productive working day.

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3. They saturate their mind with the knowledge 

Successful people often like to read books before going to sleep. They understand that you can never know everything, so they are usually avid readers. Reading a chapter of a good book, before they go to sleep, teaches them something new each day and it helps to relax them too.

4. They don’t burn the candle at both ends…

…or in other words, successful people don’t stay up too late. The only easy way that you can be 100% effective in the day, is to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Burning the candle at both ends might make you think that you are getting more done, but you won’t achieve as much in the long run.

5. They get ready for tomorrow

You will sleep a lot more soundly if you have already planned out tomorrow. Your clothes are ironed, you know what train you’re catching and you know who you are meeting. All you’ve got do, is get up and go!

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6. They practice meditation, prayer or relaxation

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Many successful people say that they mediate or pray; it clears their mind and relaxes them, before they go to sleep. Just ten minutes or so of alone time, to chill, focus and think, will help to recharge your batteries for the next day.

7. They notice and appreciate the success of the day

Before they go to sleep, successful people will often make a mental list of their achievements for the day. These don’t need to be big commercial successes, it could be just having done a good deed, but they do recognise what they have done well.

8. They visualize the best tomorrow

You can’t plan for every moment eventuality, but you can picture how you expect your day to go. Visualising what you have to do the following day, and thinking about positive outcomes, will give you more confidence to deal with whatever crops up.

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9. They write down a to do list and then stop worrying about things to do

Just before you go to sleep, making a short ‘to do’ list will stop you from tossing and turning in bed, thinking about all the things that you haven’t done. Write it down, and then you can forget it for the night and it won’t slip your mind in the morning.

10. They don’t fret at night

Successful people know that the evening is for relaxing, the night is for sleeping and tomorrow is another day. They always try to end the day on a positive note and put any problems out of their mind, because the problems can be dealt with tomorrow.

What other things successful people do before going to sleep?

Stay happy!


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