10 tips on How to get a Boyfriend By Adejoro Olumofin aka “Doktor” Mofin


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This article was written by Adejoro Olumofin aka “Doktor” Mofin the Relationship Consultant.
10 tips on How to get a Boyfriend :

(1) Remove guys from your friendzone list. (2) Smile Often. (3) Change your normal routine. (4) Eliminate distractions. (5)Open mindset and Reasonable standards. (6)Go out less with your friends. (7)Be more active on Social media. (8) Join an Organization that is 60% male dominated. (9) Rebrand / RePackage yourself. (10) Pray…

(1) Remove guys from your friendzone list : “Friendzone” is a mental classification or categorization of a guy or group of guys in a lady’s mind I.e she sees a guy as a non sexual object or as a brother. Some single ladies today see having a lot of guys on their friendzone list as an achievement or an award, they enjoy the fact that guys keep trying to get their attention or approval while they call him things like “bro” , “cuz” , “G” “padi” “Egbon” as a means to discourage him from trying to talk to them or ask them out. My question is ; if you’re single and you’re looking for a boyfriend why have so many guys as just friends without giving them chances? Or opportunities to prove themselves to you. Marriage counsellors have revealed that most couples were initially just friends or co-workers before they started dating. Un-friendzone some guys and see where it leads, you may just be swept off your feet or be walking down the aisle soon.

(2) Smile Often ; Look Approachable: A lot of guys are discouraged to approach a Lady who has a strong or mean face. Some ladies attend weddings or fashion shows just to frown their faces, men may be scared of instant rejection or think you’re just mean. Primacy Effect in Psychology makes emphasis on first impression being an important factor in perception. So Ladies if your face is strong and your heart is soft make an effort to smile more. This makes you look more approachable, most men don’t like being rejected in public by a woman so they would be most likely discouraged to approach you if you’re always wearing a hard / strong face.

(3) Change your normal routine (try a new church, bar, cinema, beach) : If you’re a single lady and you’ve been attending the same church, cinema, bars for the past 16 months and there is no visible suitor I suggest you switch the branch of your church from Ikeja to Surulere, or Apapa to VI. This is a Process known as randomization; doing something different or attending new places will give you a new set of possibilities of meeting new suitors or making new friends generally.

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(4) Eliminate Distractions : (Exs, Single minded friends, friends with benefits etc ) : Exs that just hang around like vultures waiting for drunk sex to happen again or standing in your way of moving forward need to GO, “single minded friends ” ladies you may have that friend or “friends” who wants you to be single because she’s single too and it’s ok for you to have a boyfriend only when she has a boyfriend, that friend/ friends needs to go, friends with benefits only create a mirage in your mind because you’re being emotionally and physically satisfied but there isn’t any strong commitment so you find yourself in a quandary or dilemma because you’re living for the moment and not the future.

(5) Open Mindset and Reasonable Standards : Some Ladies have crafted and created their boyfriends or husbands in their minds, they have played the role of creator in their Cognitive Archetypes so any guy who doesn’t meet a particular standard or level shouldn’t even bother walking up to them. No one is saying lower your standards but there are a lot of guys with potential out there… Not everyone can be 100% and complete when you meet them.

(6) Go out less with your friends : Obviously this doesn’t mean you should be a recluse but there are sometimes when you should just be that pretty or stunning lady at the mall or movies. Studies have shown that men feel more comfortable approaching a lady who is alone than with a group of ladies. Some ladies feel uncomfortable or think it’s a taboo to go out alone and feel that they would look desperate or awkward but ladies write your own rules, what works for others may not work for you.

(7) Be Active on social media : some people may disagree but social media when used properly can be a good medium for meeting people. Some ladies from January to August don’t post a single picture of themselves, their favorite football club, favorite movie, favorite political party on their BBM or Instagram they are basically Ghosts and observers. By posting a picture of anything you can attract a similar mind like yourself for you to at least start a conversation. It takes just one conversation to start something special

(8) Attend organizations that are 60% male dominated ( gym, dance club, weddings): Attending the gym often is not only good for giving you a great body but also for meeting guys and you being the centre of attraction, weddings are the most popular in recent times and there are more males than females at weddings. Weddings have been credited for initiating a lot of marriages and relationships

(9) Rebrand / Repackage yourself: While Staying true to yourself and upholding your ideals and goals. Focus on making yourself better than who you were yesterday by hard work, eating healthy, networking, working out, SELF LOVE and attitudinal orientation because if you don’t believe in your self no one will believe in you. Don’t let your last boyfriend or relationship define you. A lot of us still carry scars from our past relationships, this creates a burden in our minds and impedes our progress.

(10) Pray: this is the most Important factor when searching for a boyfriend. Prayer does things that science cannot explain.

Remember having a boyfriend doesn’t make you complete, and being single doesn’t make you incomplete. There are a lot of people in relationships just to mark register ” I have a boyfriend” but aren’t happy. Above all do what makes you happy and what is beneficial to you, stay true to yourself and have reasonable standards..

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