10 Ways To Read Your Partner’s Body Language


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When you look at your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can sometimes feel like you are from completely different planets.  You seem to see everything differently. So wouldn’t it be great if you could read your partner’s body language? Never again would you get your wires crossed or have to live with the sneaking suspicion that they weren’t being totally honest with you. With these 10 tips, you’ll practically be able to read your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mind, but be warned; being a mind reader can come at a cost.

The eyes: Lying: Many body language experts claim that when people lie they look to the left and struggle to sustain steady eye contact. Yet, lots of people are aware of this and if you want to cover something up, chances are you’ll do everything you can to throw your partner off the scent.

Therefore, if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is lying, watch their body language and see if they maintain more eye contact than usual. If they do, then there’s a chance that this shift in their behavior is a sign they’re not telling the truth.

Fingers: Upset: If you have a hunch that your partner is upset, look out for the ‘fake tear wipe’. This subtle signal occurs when someone is upset by something. The person indicates their sadness by brushing below their eye, as if wiping away an imaginary tear. However, the person may not actually say they are sad. In fact they may be saying the very opposite.

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For example, if you were talking about a shared friend who just got married, your partner might breezily say that they are very happy for the newlyweds. However, as they say this, they do the ‘fake tear wipe’, which might indicate that they are feeling sad over the marriage, possibly because their friend has now settled down and their relationship will be forced to change.

Lips: In sync: Are kisses important? Well, in terms of body language they can certainly reveal a great deal about your relationship. Psychologists who have studied kisses believe that those couples who are out of sync are in trouble. To find out whether your kisses are synced, watch how your partner reacts to your movements. If you bump heads, clang teeth or finish kissing at different times, then it may be a sign you don’t feel the same way about one another.

Hands: Distant: When you’re walking through a park or walking back home together, do you hold hands with your partner? If you do, then take a quick peek at the way you both hold one another’s hands. If you hold hands loosely, or if your palms are not touching, then this body language could signal that your partner does not feel close to you and that they do not want to be intimate.

Face: Interested: Do you ever feel like your partner is not interested in you? Although after years of being together the interest your boyfriend or girlfriend shows you is bound to differ from the level of interest they showed you on your first date, when out together it’s still important to know that they are paying attention to you. If you feel like your partner is not interested look at their face. If they are nodding, have raised their eyebrows and widened their eyes then they are probably interested in what you have to say.

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