10 Worst Foods To Have On A Date


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The usual advice for how to behave on a date is to be yourself, but, when it comes to your choice of food, tread carefully, because what you choose from the menu could make a the difference between a successful date and a disaster. It’s not just the messy foods that you need to avoid; it’s also about what your choice of food is saying about you that you have to think about. Avoid the awkward moments, the embarrassing spills, and the choices that will give the wrong impression. Read these ten foods that would be the worst foods you could chose on a date.

1. Don’t overdo the vegetables

Normally, we would be saying pile on those vegetables onto your plate, because so they are so good for you, but if you are on a date with a guy you haven’t known for long, it would be best not to eat too much veg. The reason is simple; vegetables can cause gas and you don’t want to have to keep going to the bathroom, or worse, have an embarrassing outbreak of wind.

2. Avoid finger foods

Tucking into spare ribs or Buffalo wings is not a good idea when you are on a date. Gnawing at a bone to get the last bit of meat just doesn’t look sexy at all and nor will the smear of barbecue sauce that you leave across your mouth look good either. Finger foods are a disaster waiting to happen, so steer clear until you know a guy really well.

3. Oysters

Oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac and they are quite a sophisticated food, but for some people, they are the worst kind of food on the planet and even just watching someone else eat raw oysters will make them heave. Avoid anything like oysters or snails, because not everyone thinks they are a delicacy and you could some people off their meal.

4. Oversized sandwiches

If you are going to need a napkin to wipe up the mess after you have eaten something, then you chose the wrong thing off the menu. There is no way to eat a mega sized sandwich and look elegant at the same time and there is no way of avoiding the spills. Choose food that you know you can eat like a lady, at east until you get to know the guy a bit better.

5. Spaghetti

If you can eat a bowl of spaghetti without making a single slurping sound, or getting tomato sauce down your chin, then we salute you, because eating spaghetti, in an elegant way, is a feat that is beyond most of us. Unless you are 100% confident of your spaghetti eating skills, don’t even think about ordering it on a date. Sucking up strands of spaghetti will never make you look cool in a restaurant.

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6. Garlic

Garlic is another no-no for date menus. If you are expecting to get at least a kiss, then skip the garlic, because it gives you bad breath in no time at all. Worse than that, in just an hour or so, the smell of garlic will even be oozing out of your skin too! Even if he orders a garlic dish, you’d be best advised to avoid it on a date.

7. Salad as a main course

Men like to see a girl with an appetite, so even if you are watching your weight, don’t order a salad or an appetizer for your main course and then pick over it and leave a lot of it uneaten. If you do, he is likely to think that, either you didn’t like his choice of restaurant, or you don’t like him. If you are too fussy with your food on a date, he will also be wondering about how fussy you will be over other things.

8. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is another of those foods that is simply impossible to eat with any panache. Unless you are going to try and eat with a knife and fork, which would just look silly, you will have to gnaw it, slurp it, and pull a disturbing looking face while you pull back your lips to get at it. Then, when you are done with your corn on the cob, you smile sweetly and reveal all the little bits of yellow stuck between your teeth. No, leave corn on the cob for another day.

9. Carbonated drinks

Letting rip with a huge burp is not too attractive either, so leave the carbonated drinks for another night too. Stick to wine, and drink it in moderation, because the bubbles in fizzy drinks like cola will build up inside you and catch you by surprise.

10. Don’t go large

Our final piece of advice on date dining etiquette, is don’t order the largest meal on the menu and then ask for extra fries! A healthy appetite is attractive, but eating enough food to feed five is definitely not. If you go large on every course, he is going to be thinking about what you might look like in five years’ time.

Stay happy!



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