11 Deadly Signs That Your Guy Is Married But He Lies To You That He Is Single


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Men are super-good when it comes to hiding the truth when it comes to dating. The logic behind this is that they fear losing their new catch if the truth is known. Here are the tell-tale signs that the man you are dating is married.

1. He doesn’t want you to know where he lives. He will always get a room or come to your house to have s’εx

2. He switches his phone off late at night claiming that he values his sleep

3. If his wife is upcountry he will be travelling a lot especially over the weekend

4. He will come to you when he is well fed and well-groomed a sign that someone cooks & cleans for him

5. He is never available on Sunday coz this is a family day

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6. You might call him sometimes & hear a baby crying in the background

7. He will never want you to meet his family members. He will keep on postponing the meeting.

8. On Sundays or over the weekend he will never pick your calls but he will call you back when the coast is clear

9. There are certain days of the year he will never be available like this Christmas season

10. He will discourage you visiting him at work especially if the Mrs. is known by the fellow work mates

11. There will be that inner voice called the 6th sense telling you something isn’t right

So ladies before you go around getting your hopes up or falling in love, Do a background check on any man hitting on you.

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