11 Signs He Loves Your v**ina … But Not You


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It’s a hard truth to take.

You’re hot and heavy 24/7, and not only that, but you’re also really into this guy. Your heart and body want him at all times, and you’re wondering where you fall with this guy.  Is he into you for the right reasons or is he inside of you for HIS reasons? Namely being, your v**ina and not you? These are the 11 signs he loves your v**ina, but not you.

1. He wants to talk, but only about himself.

Does loverboy like to chat about himself and fail to ask you about your daily life? Somehow, this guy is all game to come by for some romping time. If the answer is yes, he’s in love with your v**ina and not you.

2. He’s never met anyone that matters to you, and he has no plans to for the foreseeable future.

If your man has never said “boo” to anyone that knows your first, middle and last names, you have a problem. Does he have no outward desire to connect with your family or friends? If it’s a yes, he’s not into what you offer as a person, but is into what your body has to offer his man-hood.

3. He loves to send you late night texts.
Let me guess, he was busy with friends all evening and now that the bar is starting to close, Mr. Hottie is suddenly available to see you now? Those late night texts and “gestures” to see you are all blatant signs he’s just down to bang, and nothing else.

4. He’ll buy you the lamest birthday gifts.

He doesn’t care about what you really want, he gets just ang gift.

5. His favorite topic is your body, 24/7.

He has all kinds of things to say… if it involves your p*ssy, br**sts, b*tt and legs. The rest of you? He doesn’t care about your graduate degree applications, new roommate, or sick parent. He doesn’t care that you had a bad day, that your dog is lost, or that you and your BFF are fighting. He cares that you give good head and ride him as he wants, bottom line.

6. He doesn’t know your middle name or last name, and he doesn’t plan on asking today.

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Do I have to explain? I don’t think so.

7. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, so you should listen.

If he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship right now, but yet right now he wants to have s*x, he’s just into your v**ina.

8. You can’t have a deep conversation with him.

He doesn’t know you hate spiders or that you cried when you heard your first serious boyfriend got married. The deep thoughts you have or he has are not up for discussion.

9. He can’t commit, yet he can’t let you go.

If your man can’t commit to you, but at the same time tells you he still wants to see you and can’t let go of contacting you — whether for dates or late night fun — he’s probably just hooked on the bedroom action.

10­. He’s committed to someone else already.

Shame on you for bothering with this assh*le, but if he’s committed to someone else yet barking up your tree, it’s not because he’s falling out of love for her, falling into love with you, or confused. He’s doing it because he wants to f*ck you, and that’s all.

11. He doesn’t say “I love you.”

If you’re wondering if he loves you and he hasn’t told you yet, but he has no problem pontificating over your hips and milky thighs, he doesn’t love you. He loves your s*x.

Ladies, would you continue to allow him have his way? I guess not! The best relationship is one which the love isn’t based on s*x….abstinence pays, it gives you value and respect before a man.


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