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Whilst laying about and chilling this weekend, we thought to chip in a bit of design guide for our Ankara lovers. Here are the latest styles to sew with dice print wax.

T.fore, if you’ve got any dice ankara print sitting in your closet or if you have plans of buying it anytime soon, this image guide will be a tad bit useful for future purpose.

In a brief summary, one of the Authors on Vlisco StoriesAishatu Bello Hassan” said:

In the Nupe Land of the North Central Nigeria, This Fabric Is a most for traditional events. It is often inherited from Parents to their offsprings.

In Ibo land (tribe) Nigeria, this fabric is called Kpulu Oka (Corn seeds). This particular fabric is so popular in Nigeria and is worn as a uniform mostly by Catholic Women Organization (CWO) in the Eastern region of Nigeria and also worn by the female school teachers”.

Although this African print fabric is a classic, overtime some newly created ones currently in the market have been reinvented with new designs like the one with red flower pattern.

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It is also called KPÉKUI (small stones) in Togo, DICE in Benin Republic and Ghana and Le Petit de (the small die) in Ivory Coast.


Here are examples of gown designs you could sew with the African print fabric.

black and white dice ankara gown

black and white dice gown

Dice gown with flower design

Corn seed gown styles

Dice ankara with lace
Image .: Pinterest /New Ankara Styles
Mix dice ankara with plain material
Image .: Pinterest /Besty styles

Corn Seed Ankara Blouse, Trousers And Skirt Designs

Corn seed Ankara blouse
Image .: Pinterest /
Corn seed blouse with flower pattern
Image .: Pinterest /Africa Etsy Shop Owners
Ankara skirt and blouse
Image .: Pinterest /stellahsgroove
Black and white dice skirt styles
Image .: instagram @ironyofashi
Ankara top and trouser set
Image .: Pinterest /Zaineey

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All images are from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.