We love to bring you gorgeous ankara styles in all its shapes, lengths and sizes.

Today, we are looking at some unique short ankara styles which are great for casual outings and hangouts. These styles are simple, stylish, chic and trendy: the perfect style for the modern lady!

Why don’t you lean back, relax and enjoy these perfect styles.

Cc @cookietee_gh in Outfit by @akunsah

Cc @amirahdyme.Outfit @grass_fields

Cc @ironyofashi

Cc @lindaosifo

Cc @chinenye2k14_ in Dress by @nefpatra

Cc @mimi8eight

Cc @__ama__endorsed

Cc @priscilla_opoku_agyeman

Cc @joselyn_dumas in Dress by @barkerswoode


Cc @lindaosifo in @julyetpeters

Cc @house_of_lyndawhyte



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