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12 basic supplies you need to begin learning how to sew

The second item you will require is a pair of scissors, either large or tiny, as long as they are sharp enough to cut the fabric as needed.

 Measuring tape

The tape is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you’ll need because it serves as both a measuring instrument for taking someone’s measurements and a fabric cutting and measuring tool.



Sewing thread is one of the most important tools in a sewer’s toolkit. It’s what holds everything together, so it’s important to choose the right type of thread for your project. 

The first thing to know about sewing thread is that t. are different types of thread, and each type of thread is best suited for different types of projects. 


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Pressing  Iron

Although some clothes can be made without the use of an iron, I believe that using one is necessary if you want your sewing to be neat and perfect.


Practicing fabrics

The cloth that you’ll be practicing on comes next once you’ve acquired the first five supplies I mentioned.


You can practice on a variety of fabrics, but I advise using cotton fabrics because they will make it much simpler for beginners.



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Table for cutting 

If a person has the means to purchase a table, I recommend that he purchase a very smooth table that will be used for drafting and cutting the dress pattern as well as ironing.

 Machine needle

Having spare machine needles will prevent you from having to search for w. to go and buy new ones when the one you are using breaks.


 Extra bobbins

A good tailor should have at least five extra bobbins. A good tailor should own more than one bobbin.


Notebook and a Pen

A tailor needs a notebook and a pen since they will utilize the book to draft designs and record customer measurements.


 Hand deedles

Back When someone first began learning to sew, their employer would never permit them to begin using a sewing machine; instead, they were only permitted to use hand needles. However, that was back in the day; today, you do not have to begin learning to sew using hand needles, but you still need them for many tasks, such as attaching . to shirts or creating flowers.



The use of a ruler in sewing is optional for some tailors, but in my opinion, it is important if you want a precise and beautiful pattern and finishing. I should have to list the ruler as number three or four because to me its imposible to have perfect pattern.



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