12 Naija Women Tell Us What They Would Do If An Ex-boyfriend Invites Them To His Wedding


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Weddings are fun! But it can be hard for some, when they attend an ex’s wedding. Depending on how you broke up and what your relationship has been like since you broke up, the occasion may be filled with regret and envy, or you may be genuinely happy. So, if you have received an invitation to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding, should you go? Also, would you invite him to your own wedding?

We asked some random women, here are some of responses we got:



Well, it depends on how things are between my ex and me. I am very sure my ex will invite me to his wedding, but I will not attend because I am not interested in what goes on in his life.


I would say –  if I am not in a better relationship than the one I lost, no matter how close I am to my ex, I will stay away from the wedding. I’ll feel bad and hurt when I see his bride in white and fine makeup. I will wish it was me and I’ll envy her.


I will attend, We ended the relationship on a good note. I don’t see it as being disrespectful to my partner because he already knows about my ex, and the reason we broke up. It is up to my ex to decide if he will attend my wedding or not. But if your current partner is not comfortable with it, don’t go o!


I will not go because I broke up with all my ex-es in a fighting mode. Although I still talk with some, I don’t think I can go for their weddings.

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I will go if I am invited. I won’t feel bad or jealous. I will invite my ex as well. If he wants to come, fine. If not, fine as well. Na to rejoice with am.


I will go the wedding because he was simply a part of my life-story. So, life goes on.


As for me, I don’t really like to continue communicating with any ex boyfriend. Though, there are exceptions, but really, life just go on.


It depends on what happened between us. From my experience, I won’t invite him. Let him hear or see pictures. Whatever made him to be an ex is enough reason for him not to come in the first place. If he invites me, I won’t go. I have forgiven him and we have both moved on. So let’s keep on moving on. No grudges. Anytime we see, we will exchange pleasantries and that’s all.


If I am invited, I will surely go to celebrate him. It is too much power to give to anyone to hold me down in grudge or resentment. I think we also need to ask God for help in relating with people.


I will feel bad and jealous, so its better I don’t attend.


I don’t think I have it in mind to attend the wedding that should be mine in the first place.


I will not attend or invite. Not because of grudges or anything… but I just feel it would be awkward. Except if we were not really into each other in the first place.


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