12 Probable Causes And Solutions To Contact Lens Irritation

If your contact lenses are causing you discomfort, irritation or redness, read on to find out what the reasons could be and solutions to the problem.

1. Improper Use

Contact lenses have to be used properly to avoid causing any irritation. It can lead to infections, redness or blurred vision if the lenses are dirty.

Solution: Always clean your lenses, wash your hands and use hypoallergenic makeup.

2. Sharing contacts

Sharing contact lenses especially colored ones can spread infections.

Solution: Never share your lenses with anyone else.

3. Improper Fit

Your contact lenses are specially made to fit your eye. But, if the fit is a little off, you can experience discomfort as if something has gotten stuck in the eye. This can lead to serious issues like a corneal abrasion.

Solution: Tell your optometrist about it immediately and get the right fit.

4. Overwearing contacts

Few lenses are designed to be worn overnight but most aren’t. Wear lenses for the recommended amount of time. Wearing them for too long can dry out your eyes.

Solution: Set a reminder on your phone to remove the contacts.

5. Expired contacts

Irritation can also occur if you are wearing lenses that have expired. This is often a problem with weekly or monthly lenses w. the wearer forgets the expiry.

Solution: Set a reminder on your phone to throw out your lenses or switch to daily lenses.

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6. Allergens

If you are allergic to pollen, dust or dander, your eyes will definitely get irritated if you are wearing lenses. The reason is that such allergens can get stuck on your lenses and cause allergic .s.

Solutions: Clean your lenses frequently. You can also avoid wearing them if you have too many allergies. You can also switch to daily lenses.

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7. Old contact case

Contact cases are not meant to be kept forever. They can become a breeding ground for bacteria and infect your eyes.

Solution: Throw out your contact case every 3 months.

8. Expired Makeup

Makeup that has expired can cause allergic .s which can irritate your eyes especially if you are wearing contact lenses.

Solution: Don’t use expired makeup on your face.

9.  Makeup products on your lenses

It is possible that your makeup has either flaked or landed in your eyes. If you forget to wash your hands before inserting your lenses, you can get makeup in your eyes.

Solution: Always insert your lenses first after washing your hands thoroughly. Use cream-based makeup that does not flake.

10. Contact lens infection

Your contact lenses can have some bacteria on it already which can get in your eye and cause irritation.

Solution: Disinfect your contact lenses religiously and do not wear expired lenses.

11. Mixing old and new lens solution

If your lens solution is nearly empty, you may be tempted to just top off the bottle with some fresh solution. This can spread bacteria which can infect your eyes.

Solution: Do not mix the old and new solution. Always buy a fresh bottle.

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12. Unapproved colored lenses

Some companies sell colored lenses without requiring a prescription. These colored lenses can scratch your cornea and cause infections.

Solution: Don’t wear colored lenses without a prescription.

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