12 Rules For Washing and Conditioning Your Hair


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Washing and condition are too important when it comes to growing healthy hair. They both . different roles and must be done carefully. Sometimes you can decide to prepoo your hair before a washday (topic for another day). When washing and conditioning hair

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  1. You need a very good shampoo from a trustworthy brand. It is NOT advisable to wash your hair with just any kind of soap like dishwashing liquid (Yes, I see you!) or bar soaps.
  2. Consider your hair texture when getting a shampoo. If your hair gets dry easily or you are a naturalista, then get a sulphate free shampoo. Some shampoos can also be used to treat specific problems. For instance if you have dandruff get an antidandruff shampoo.
  3. So how exactly should we wash our hair? Is it just to scrub and scrub till the scalp gets sore? No. When washing your hair make sure your hair is properly detangled first (Read THIS POST to learn how to detangle hair properly).
  4. Try your best to ensure you hair is aligned i.e. do not entangle your hair when washing thinking you’d just comb it out when conditioning. You can partition your hair into smaller sections just make sure it’s straight and smooth.
  5. Do not use hot water. Lukewarm or slightly warm water is best
  6. Start by scrubbing the scalp gently with shampoo, washing your roots. Do NOT include your ends. Once you are done gently squeeze the lather from the roots to the ends of your hair. You can repeat the process at most twice! Rinse out all the shampoo.
  7. Conditioning is just too important to be ignored. Washing without conditioning will lead to the craziest breakage ever. Let me put it this way washing is like a good workout session while conditioning is like having a good meal. Basically conditioning is meal time for your hair.
  8. Get a good conditioner. Knowing your hair type is very important especially for black hair, proteins and other nutrients must be present in your conditioner
  9. Apply a generous amount from mid length of your hair to the ends. Most conditioners come with directions for use and state the amount of time to leave the conditioner in your hair.
  10. To deep condition, cover your hair with a plastic bag and  apply low heat for 15minutes
  11. Wash out condition with only COLD water
  12. Leave in conditioners are super helpful for dry hair because black hair loves moisture.

How do you wash your hair? Hope this post was helpful to someone. You can ask any questions and please don’t forget to comment and share


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