12 Wedding Photos You Must Remember To Take


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It’s one thing to have beautiful wedding photos, it’s a totally different thing to catch beautiful moments. From the look on your guests’ faces as you walk down the aisle, your first dance and to catching your bouquet in the air when you toss it, these insanely gorgeous photos will give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Take a look, drool a little, get ideas, and then find your photographer.

1. Your pre-event moments

Before the event starts, your emotions will definitely be running wild and deep. These moments should be captured. Make sure  your photographer captures the  candid smiles, tears and expressions.

2. Your getting ready picture

From your makeup to stepping into your dress, these exciting moments must be captured.


3. Picture of your wedding dress

Yes, we are vain like that. If you went through that much trouble finding the perfect wedding dress, it sure deserves some attention.

12 Wedding Photos You MUST Remember To Take

(Stephanie Coker/Instagram)

4. Rings Photo

Gone are those days when photographers just snap the rings in the ring box, these days, some creativity and thought is put into it. We’ve seen photographers arrange the wedding rings in books, bowls, bouquets, and more. No matter how it’s propped, a good shot of your wedding bands (like this one) is a scene-setter.

15 Wedding Photos You MUST Remember To Take



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5. Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the right bouquet for your big day is no easy task. You need to choose not just the right colour, but also the right shape! You should at least get a picture of it in your album.

6. The Bridal Party

Shots of the bridal party gathered together before the ceremony or just hanging out  are so much better than the stiff all-lined-up shots from generation past.

15 Wedding Photos You MUST Remember To Take

(Bella Naija/Instagram)

7. You and your girls

Take pictures with your bridesmaids while you guys are still in robes and Tees. It’s a given that you’ll get shots from the party but a shot in other attires and direction will be worth it.

15 weddings photos you must take


 8. Family members, and close associations

Make a mental list (and physical list) of family members, friends, colleagues, family friends and everyone you’ll like to take a picture with and hand the list over to your photographer. Remember to assign someone who knows these people to assist the photographer identify them.

9. Personal full picutre

Don’t get too caught in the moment to forget your personal pictures. Take portraits, landscape, full picture from different angles and outfits (if applicable)

10. “We did it” photo

Don’t forget to take a “we did it!” photo with your husband.

11.  Event decoration

Capture the colorful decoration in the hall, especially during reception.

12. A “. Comes the Bride” Photo

Yea, every bride needs one of those.

.’s Your Last-minute Wedding Day Checklist. Double check now to be sure you have everything in order.

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