14 Terrific African Evening Dresses for a Glamorous Experience


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Evening dresses are supposed to be the completely fashionable pieces in your wardrobe. They are also supposed to give you a killer red carpet flair. African evening dresses are therefore one of the unique ways to do this stylishly. There are, of course, different lovely African print designs out there that you can experiment with and they include the following;

Cute African Evening Dresses to Pull Off a Perfect Look

1. Sleeveless Layered Print Dress

This designer dress gives you a naturally befitting royal look. The clearly defined print and stylishly design pattern make it seem like multiple pieces in one. This not only gives you an astonishing sense of style but it’s a relatively easy look to pull off. It certainly gives you an unlimited range of ways you can accessorize it.

2. The Flowing Designer Dress

This one undoubtedly speaks in all fashionable ways possible. It’s a neatly cut African evening dress laced with a snowflake backdrop to it. The print of the dress blends in with the African feel and goes beyond being just a flawless piece. The best part is that you don’t have to overdo on accessories.

4. Geometric Zipper Design Dress

If you are feeling a bit nerdy and also stylish then this African dress is for you. It’s a single front zipper on a stunningly lovely African design that you can’t take your eyes off. One of it’s best features is no doubt the simple yet sexy feel that this gives out. It’s also quite easy to pull off and gets you on that evening glam mood.

5. Two-Phase Print Dress

This design combines a very affectionately blended design of black on print. It brings out a mysteriously elegant design to a very African look. The melting of the black and print also ensures that you stand out in a freshly composed way. Black heels should go well with this print dress.

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7. Tropical Design Dress

This is one of those toned down yet outstanding designs in African evening dresses. It’s a flowery touch with an authentically set tropical feel. This African dress is laid out a composed and naturally pleasing stance to your style. It can equally go well with red heels or flats depending on your mood and taste.

8. Max Collar Flair Dress

This style is uniquely influenced by the power of having contrasts in your outfit. The generously cut collar transforms the otherwise conservative look into a style spectacle. You can complement the look with a contrasting headpiece or to add to the edginess.

9. The Bright in Bold Dress

This is one of the African evening dresses that will undoubtedly set you apart. This is because of the conspicuous blend of the color scheme in the dress. You can definitely have this sun in yellow design as your style signature. It goes surprisingly well as a red carpet look.

10. The Single Sleeve Dress

This masterpiece truly embodies the African flair while still being stylishly focused. The single sleeve clearly brings an edgy chic loveliness that sets enhances your style feel. Despite the detailed nature of the print dress, it can no doubt be paired up with highlight jewelry to add on the glam of the outfit.

11. V Broad Neck Maxi

The whole symmetry of this design is what makes it such a style-forward look. It clearly has a design simplicity that’s undeniably chic in the same breath. This emphasis shows you can keep it.

12. Traditional Flair Dress

This gold touch high fashion yet traditional design is a killer style look. The print pattern blends positively well to create a stunning evening African dress look. It gives you a chic structure that’s surprisingly easy to pull off. Another great feature is naturally appealing fact that you can also pair it up with a matching head gear.

13. Thigh High Slit Dress

The thigh-high slit dress is an edgy yet charmingly sexy take on a maxi dress. This African inspired design takes that to a new flowing feel that’s fresh and comfy. It takes on a minimum accessorized feel so you can’t risk overdoing it.

14. The Mermaid Sleek Dress

This design is truly inspired by the African spirit of creativity. This work of art is particularly intended to boost your style upgrade to the max. As an evening dress, it creates a most outstanding style appeal that’s undeniably top notch.

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