14 Things No Grown Woman Should Have in Her Closet


While it’s true that trends are cyclical and fabric is reusable, certain things–like low-rise jeans and red-wine victims–are better left in the past. Clear your closet (and conscience) of these 15 items so you can make room for the new.

1. Old bridesmaid dresses. Trust: You are never going to wear them again.

2. Truly, madly painful heels. A slight pinch in your favorite date-night pumps? Whatever. A pool of blood in those cage sandals you saw a Hadid wearing? What are you thinking?

3. Anything stained or holey. You’ve tried cleaning. You’ve tried mending. Now try purging.

5. Bras that could double as a slingshot. Yes, they’re expensive to replace. But yes, your ladies are worth some frequent elastic refreshing. (A new bra can take off five years in the shape department.)

6. Panties that could double as dental floss. Do you really need an explanation why?

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7. Leggings that are now practically sheer. Downward-facing dog gets real explicit real fast.

8. Bodycon dresses. Specifically the ones that make you feel lightheaded and constipated at the same time.

9. Ill-fitting suits. Specifically the one you wore to your very first job interview.

10. Guilty impulse buys.

11. Comically low-rise jeans. Your mom no longer has to pray every time you pick up your keys. And your closet has better things to house, like a tasteful pair of mid-rises.

13. Festival wear. Love outdoor music all you want. Just maybe don’t hold onto things that make it look like you barfed up a Free People catalog.

14. “Skinny clothes.” Anything you’re saving for “when you finally lose those last ___ pounds” will just be a negative reminder in your face every single morning. Instead, reward your diet-and-exercise goals with something new. You’ve suddenly got so much space.


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