15 Things You Must Do For Your Hubby On Regular Basis


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Here are 15 simply humble ways to show your hubby that you support him in every aspect of your marriage.You may not like all of them. Do them anyway and see what happens.

1. Don’t talk about him behind his back: If there are any issues driving a wedge in your relationship, skip the venting session with girlfriends, and talk to your husband first. “Husband shaming” helps no one.

2. Brag about him when he’s not around: If you hear anything negative said about your other half — even in jest — step up and defend him. Show that your marriage is full of strength and unity.

3. Bake the man some cookies: As frivolous as it may sound, this comforting gesture goes a long way.

4. Strengthen his servitude: If your man spends what little free time he has serving his community or church, you may feel a bit lonesome. Just remember that others may be in need of his service too.

5. Don’t nag: Spend more time focusing on what hubby does do and less on what he doesn’t do.

6. Voice your gratitude: Don’t save your thanks for the big things. Your husband shows his love for you in many simple ways. Return the favor, and thank him sincerely for all the little things.

7. Praise his work: Whether your husband sits at a desk all day, shuttles the kids all around town or puts his life on the line for his country, tell him how much you appreciate his hard work and sacrifice.

8. Encourage his hobbies: Dust off your old golf clubs and hit the green with him! If you don’t enjoy the same activities, arrange an outing for him and his buddies every once in a while.

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9. Built financial unity: If you are constantly complaining about money, you might be making hubby feel unappreciated or undervalued.


10. Show him you have faith in him: No one is perfect. We all fail sometimes. If your husband is the primary provider, he may feel a lot of pressure to be the best. Find ways to show him that you love and believe in him no matter what happens.

11. Kiss him — passionately! When he leaves for work, when he comes home, or just because you locked eyes from across the room — I challenge you to do this at least once a day.

12. Call him courageous: From going off to war to opening their hearts to those in need, our men show their courage in a myriad of ways. Recognize your husband’s resolutions, however great or small they seem.

13. Make your home a safe haven: Keep your home a happy place for your husband to find comfort and refuge from whatever the outside world throws at him.

14. Love his family: They say that when you marry your spouse, you marry his entire family. While some families are much closer than others, it’s important to love the people who made your husband who he is. You don’t have to agree with or even get along with them. But truly love them.

15. Take him out on a date! Change things up! Surprise your husband with a night out where he doesn’t have to plan a thing.

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