16 drop dead gorgeous ankara styles for different occassions – See photos


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Many centuries have passed and the thing we internalise as the concept of fashion and style keeps evolving. It has cycled from a point of elegance and modesty to low backs and skin tease display, in all, looking good remains the important factor.

While many tribes, culture and races have their ideal of appropriate style and especially for different occasions, the common factor is that a huge percentage of the human race like to look good. A lot of people have made big bucks just for looking stunning and some others have smiled to the banks for knowing how to make others look good.

The question, however, for most people remain; what is the ultimate style? Giving there are different ways one must look for events and occasions, can one just lean on a path and still manage to be a style icon or described as a fashionista in today’s world? The short answer is yes!

With colour and prints taking over the biggest runways in the world, it is no secret that ankara or African prints are and should be everyone’s go-to style for a million and one reasons: It can be worn by both male and female; the numerous patterns and colours provide a variety of goodness to choose from; the material can be customised, made-to-fit its wearer; and of course, there’s a print for everyone in the world. No matter how plain you think your fashion sense is!

To top all that up, there’s a style for every occasion. It can be worn to work, to party, to even swim (ever heard of ankara bikinis?) and these days, people are even making bags and shoes out of them.

The truth is, if by now you haven’t, half of your closet should be made of ankara prints. That’s the first step into owning your style, staying true to your roots and carving your niche as a fashion icon in today’s world.

Lovely ankara style that will make your closet look unique and stylish:

1. Simple and chic

2. Sophisticated

3. Vogue worthy

4. Stylish

5. Squad goals

6. African flavour

7. Mix and match ankara style

8. Casual day

9. Glamorous

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10. Afro princess

11. Style wise

12. Fashionista

13. Ankara inspired

14. High fashion

15. Style secret

16. Detailed

See more stylish ankara prints below:

Just as you might have guessed, one can hardly go wrong with ankara prints. So what are you waiting for? Go shopping!





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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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