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17 Chic Chic & Trendy Style Inspirations



ith the temperature still on the lower end, the sweater dress presents the perfect marriage between your love for a stylish dress and the need to keep warm. Ranging from loose-fitting to body-hugging designs, sweater dresses have become an essential piece in the casual feminine wardrobe and are sure to be making more appearances this season.


A sweater dress saves you the stress of looking for a variety of bottoms to pair your top with. Although they are super comfortable and suit every body type, these frocks can be a little tricky to style. Once the styling hurdle is crossed, the sweater dress can be worn without a miss. Also known as the knit dress, it can be styled to suit an office, casual, or elegant date night look. When in doubt, wear a sweater dress.

Sweater dress styling tips:


With a diverse range of options to choose from, styling your knitted dress is easy as you can opt for a fitted piece, a loose one, a long sleeve dress, or a sleeveless look. For accessories, you can opt for a belt, a necklace, statement earrings, and/or bracelets.

You simply have to match the accessories to your destination. For example, a casual event calls for low-heeled shoes while a more formal one demands high heels. This means that the sweater dress can be worn with a pair of sneakers, ballet flats, pumps, thigh-high boots, or ankle-length boots—it certainly adapts to all styles!


When choosing the perfect option, you might find a few of these key rules helpful:

Style according to height:

Petite: Opt for a short sweater dress that will lengthen your figure by revealing your legs.
Tall: The long, tight-fitting sweater dress is your best ally. Add a side slit detail for that extra chicness.


Style according to body type:

You simply need to find the right knitted dress that .s to your strengths by being aware of your body shape and dressing accordingly. 

  • Rectangle: Wearing a long loose-fitting sweater dress made of materials with vertical knitting tends to create a curvier illusion. For a better figure definition, wear a belt.
  • Pear: To balance your look, choose a top-focused detail like a turtle neck dress with a belt. Avoid large patterned prints especially at the bottom half.
  • Hourglass: T.’s little or no work to be done if the aim is to emphasize an already existing figure. For best results, rock a fitted sweater dress.
  • Triangle: Opt for a light fabric to avoid appearing bulky. To create an illusion of width at the bottom, a slightly flared sweater dress is ideal.
  • Apple: To de-emphasize a bulkier mid-region, opt for a looser fitted dress, a belt to avoid looking boxy and heeled boots.

As always, our editors have taken the time to curate stunning sweater dress styles to inspire your look.

Check out how to wear sweater dresses just like style stars do…

#1. Layers always work

A well-layered look will undoubtedly be a hit every time. So, if you’re the girl who loves to make a bougie entrance with layers, then this is your answer. The key is to start your ensemble with a comfortable base clothing and then build up with other elements of the look. For example, a thin turtleneck polo paired with a sleeveless sweater dress and coat is right on all stands.   


#2. Accessories are your friend

T.’s no denying that any regular outfit can immediately come alive with the right accessories, which is why it makes sense to invest in them. Of course, this can be anything including a statement-making-belt, beret, scarf, bag, jewelry, etc. It all boils down to the role you want the accessory to make in elevating your look.


#3. Play with hues and textures

While neutral tones seem to have pride-of-place in the Fall/Winter season, that’s not to say other colors should be sidelined. On the contrary! Opt for sweater dresses or accessories in bold colors and textures for an instant pop. You’ll surely be gaining all the attention for all the right reasons and you’ll have us to thank for that. You’re welcome. 




#4. The monochrome effect is chic

On the other end of the spectrum, you can stick to an ensemble made of various hues of a particular color for a chic effect. This is especially perfect for you if too much color isn’t quite your magic sauce and you’d rather . the classic card. The key to winning this look is to opt for colors that flatter you and also fit the setting of your destination. Here’s a tip: neutral tones like brown, beige, grey, white, etc., can hardly be wrong. 


#5. Think outside the box

When it comes to how to wear sweater dresses, or any outfit for that matter, creativity shouldn’t be underestimated. Honestly, it’s the defining factor between a look that’s a hit and one that’s a miss. Think outside the box and birth new interesting ways to rock your outfits. For example, rather than throw a scarf over your shoulders, why not tie it stylishly around your torso for a Rave-worthy appeal? The possibilities are undeniably endless. 






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