17 startling things that are killing your s*x drive


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If you’re unhappy with your s*x life, you’re not alone. s*xual problems within marriage are one of the most common fights couples have; but yet there are so many reasons s*x is critical to a marriage.

If you are having a hard time ever being in the mood, consider some of these factors. They might just be killing your desire for intimacy.

Getting a little too tipsy

Alcohol can lower your inhibitions, but too much alcohol also kills your s*x drive and acts as a depressant.

Smoking decreases your blood flow, which in turn can limit your arousal.

Hating on your body

If you don’t feel gorgeous, it’s hard to feel comfortable being unclad in front of someone. Stop insulting yourself, and learn how to love your body by reading this article.

Little fights

Turns out those “little things” you’re not resolving are getting in the way of a lot of pretty big things. The state of your relationship with your partner is one of the biggest factors on whether you want to have s*x. Over time, those little things can create resentment, leading to a sexless marriage.

Hiding your texts

Secrecy within marriage develops into mistrust. If one of you is being too secretive about things like your phone, your s*x life will fall casualty from all the building suspicion.

An unhealthy love of french fries

As amazing as pizza is, it (and any other food high in trans-fat) is slowly eating up your libido. Not only do you feel less attractive after you eat fatty foods, but trans-fat clogs your arteries, restricting blood flow. Similar to smoking, this can lower your ability to be aroused.

Skipping out on yoga

Any type of exercise can help improve libido, because it improves your blood flow, improves your mood with the release of endorphins, gives you more energy and helps you feel more attractive.


If you are looking at p****graphy, studies show you will be less and less satisfied with actual s*x. When your spouse is looking at P0*n, it kills your self-esteem, your confidence in your ability to satisfy them, and your desire to be intimate.

Taking Instagram too seriously

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Scrolling through hundreds of perfect beach-body photos can definitely leave you feeling unsatisfied with your body. Refer back to the point “hating on your body.”

The Pill

Hormones are extremely complicated, and any changes to them could affect your libido – sometimes by increasing, and, more uncommonly, by decreasing. If you think this is the case, talk to your doctor.

High blood pressure

You’d be surprised at what non-s*xual diseases affect you. From cancer to diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, these illnesses could be sapping away your drive.

Not getting enough zzzz’s

Exhaustion overcomes any desire for s*x. This explains why parents with small children can have such a struggle with intimacy.

Too much screen time

Do you spend more time on your phone than you do with your sweetheart? Most likely, you do. A technology-heavy lifestyle can prevent the emotional intimacy you need in order for your body to crave s*xual intimacy.
Stressing out

Stress is horriblefor your body, and taking away your appetite for s*x is just one of the ways it shows its ugly head.


Depression, and the antidepressants that combat it, take away your desire for many things in life. This can include intimacy.

Bad history

Any past s*xual abuse or negative experiences can create heavy psychological barriers for s*x, even if it’s in a safe environment. If you’re in this situation, consult a professional.

Neglecting your own happiness

Constantly caring for others without taking any time to care for your own health leaves you exhausted and feeling ugly. Check out these simple tips people do to be happier.

If any of these resonate with you, make the changes you need to get your s*x drive back on track. You don’t have to live with a sexless marriage


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