2 Spiritual Reasons Why Your s*x Life Is Struggling


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I believe when God created humans, He knew exactly what He was doing. Every detail from our ears helping us hear, our eyes helping us see, and our hands helping us feel. All of these capabilities were completely with purpose from our divine Creator.

But, the one fascination of His creative genius that I believe hasn’t been fully tapped into is the power and purpose of s*x. s*x has and will forever be one of the most powerful forces known to man. The question now is why aren’t couples experiencing s*x to the fullness of God’s intention.

Why are couples settling for just doing it to do it, or rather not doing it at all. I don’t believe that the issue is inside the bedroom, I believe the issue is outside the bedroom.

The issue is God never intended us to connect physically without first connecting spiritually. Here are two reasons why your s*x life is struggling.

1. You’re Not Praying Alone.

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Your relationship with God is very important to God and should be important to you. It is from your relationship with God that you put to death all of your selfish and self centered ways. Selfishness is one of the leading hindrances to couples experiencing true spiritual and physical intimacy.

When you begin to make everything about yourself, this is a sign you have been neglecting the place of prayer. Prayer also refreshes in your heart why you need your spouse. Your spouse was put in your life for a reason and we can lose sight of that from time to time as we navigate the responsibilities of life. Pray alone each day because a great s*x life depends upon it.

2. You’re Not Praying Together

You and your spouse must make this a regular practice. Whether this be in the morning before you go to work, at night before you go to sleep, or in the car driving to your child’s sports game. Taking the time to connect spiritually will result in you having some of the best s*x you have ever had.

When you begin to pray together, you are now opening yourself up to be vulnerable which increases your intimacy and brings your defenses down. We all have walls we put up, even with our spouses. By praying together you bring those walls down and allow God to come in the center of your marriage which is the greatest thing you can have. You learn how to care for one another’s needs and listen to the deep things of your spouse’s heart. This will result during your times of intimacy, truly caring for one another’s physical needs and becoming satisfied when your spouse is satisfied. This is the ultimate purpose of marriage that in every way you would die to yourself and learn how to serve and love your spouse selflessly.



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