20 Signs That Prove You’re Doing Better Than You Think


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The cold hard floor is bed to so many people, and they pray everyday to spend just a night in the comfort of a bed. Most of them do not know what it feels like to sleep on a pillow, not to talk about using a duvet. You should start by appreciating the bed you have before lamenting about the air-conditioner you don’t have in your bedroom.

5. You Can Speak and Write In English

English Language is the most influential language in the world and is spoken in 67 countries. It is also the most widely learnt second language and the official language of the United Nations, the European Union, and many other world and regional international organisations. So consider yourself privileged to be among the 82, 941, 000 Nigerians who can communicate in English language, fluently or not.

Leading English Speaking Countries – By 50% English Speaking Population

The journey of life is full of ups and downs, you win some, you lose some, but trust me at the end the ride will be worth it. Your past experiences, failures and defeats came your way, so you can learn from them and apply the lessons to execute and achieve the grand plan. Each difficulty has led you to where you are today, and the next phase of your life will be better because you have learnt from your past.

7. You Strive to be Better

The fact you are unhappy with your current position is only prove that you desire to go higher and be better. According to Einstein, it’s not that you are so smart, it’s that you can stay with problems longer. So hang in there a little longer and never stop striving to be all you can be – the Best!

8. You Have/Had a Job

Whichever way you look at this, it is still a win-win situation for you. If you have a job: Great! Count yourself very lucky. If you recently lost your job, keep calm! You will get another one. The truth is if you’ve landed a job before, you can do it again, a better one even. Look at it this way; you do not have a job now because you need to add more skills to your portfolio, or get another degree. Whatever the case is, don’t relent until you get that dream job.

9. You Are Smart

You can read this article because you have a smart phone, or a laptop, or tablet, and only smart people can operate such gadgets. This is a simple indication that you’ve got smart brains which can generate million-dollar ideas that will in turn make you a billionaire. If only you can work towards it – take advantage of your greatest asset.

10. You Have the Power of Choice

Aristotle once said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”  You can choose to believe that you rich, brainy or poor and disadvantaged.

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11. You’ve Experienced Love

A popular female singer from the 80s said, love is like a butterfly, as soft and gentle as a sign. If you’ve ever felt those butterflies soaring in your tummy when you think of or are with someone special, then you will agree with me that life is beautiful as long as love exists. Experiencing such a natural, basic and simple, yet passionate moment gives you memories that will last a life time. Although not everyone have had the opportunity to feel that way, if you are yet to experience love, relax, it will come to you in due time.

12. You Have Clean Water

Around 783 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. For some people, muddy water is all they have, while others drink polluted water which constantly makes them fall ill due to the toxins and chemicals contents in the water. Be thankful and fully aware that you are doing well in life even if you don’t think so.

13. You Have a Dream

Whatever your dream is, it’s yours. You have the ability to embrace it, create and recreate it. Don’t give up on dreaming or on your dreams. They are the sole reason you were born, however, have a dream and not a fantasy.

14. You Have the Ability to Forgive

Imagine how gloomy, bitter and unhappy you would be if you did not have the ability to forgive the mistakes of others as well as your own. It would make it nearly impossible to live and most definitely a nightmare to move on with life when difficulties arise. You have the unique gift of forgiving and moving on, appreciate it, the devil can not forgive, he holds grudges the same way the ocean holds water – in abundance.

15. You Believe in Something Greater than Yourself

For all the times you were so caught up in your own little world and drowning in life’s problems, you’ve had the ability to step back and realize that you have something greater to live for than yourself.  Whether it is God, your family or friends. If you can believe that your purpose is to achieve something that will be for the greater good then you are at an advantaged position.

16. You Have the Opportunity to Build Global Friendships

In today’s world, technology has made it possible for you to have a best friend who lives ten thousand miles away. You have the unique capacity to be acquaintances with one person in almost every country of the world if you choose to. Your great-great-grand-fathers before the 1900’s didn’t have that access, so count yourself lucky.

17. You Have Clothes to Wear

You have never gone out of your abode, naked, you always have something to cover up no matter how tattered or unfashionable it is. True? You enjoy the blessing of being properly dressed for every occasion and have the ability to shield your body from cold and shame. Be happy, life can be very cold without clothes or shelter.

18. You Have Freedom

In some countries, there are restrictions to movement, worship and speeches. People in such places constantly live in fear, and do not have the rights to do as they please. But here you are, walking about freely, attending parties, returning home late, browsing the internet, and posting your heartfelt opinions on social network.

19. You Are Sane

When the brain is corrupt, all the files therein are also corrupt, like a file eaten deep by virus. You have little or nothing to worry about if your brain is intact and can process things the normal way. But just in case you are still contemplating whether or not your life is better than some people, take a courtesy visit to the nearest psychiatric hospital close to you – a ward will convince you.

20. You Can Smile In The Midst Of All

There is this feeling that comes with a smile – it is called happiness. Even when you fake the smile, it gives you an instant calmness that brings happiness, for as long as the smile lasts. You can smile means you are happy and happiness is the most sought after achievement of any man who ever lived on earth. You see, you are way better than you think you are.


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