Celebrities strive to make the best, most stylish impression at every event they attend but it saddens one when some still effortlessly miss the fashion mark. the 2018 SAFTAS took place last night and as expected the stars came out enmase to show off their expensive and well-crafted outfits, while, a few others thought it wise to redefine the term ‘fashion fail.’ . are top 5 worst looks at the 2018 SAFTAS
Precioue Mcjane
 Yes, we agree there is something about the color red that just does it for us women but this particular red outfit on model and makeup artiste Precious Mcjane is just wrong in every shade and level. From the sheer sleeves to the bodice down to her hair, which made her look more like she just got off a  fight with her partner’s side chick, all together this look is a no-no, any day, any year.
Yaya Mavundia
 I mean come on now girl! The fierce transexual oozed nothing close to fierceness with this dress, she looked ragged in this dress which boasted off what many would think are frills. Yaya paired the dress with an African-inspired choker neckpiece and finished off with what looked like a rubber band and a bracelet.
Zimkhitha Nyoka
 I am certain a granny somewhere is looking for her curtains, come on now girl, return it, dinner needs to be served.

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo

 Actress Enhle Mbali Maphumulo opted for the glam version of a matador. In a bid to look….the actress came out reminding me of an explosive bucket of ice cream and melting sprinkles. #issanoenhle.
Linda Mtoba
 this gold piece by actress Linda Mtoba got me wondering if many do not understand the difference between an award show and sexy date night. Linda arrived the 2018 SAFTAS in this cleavage-baring gold dress, which boasted of a thigh-high slit, showing off her pins, but reminding us of that dress we pick up from the $5 rack to use in showing off to our college friends. It’s an award show Linda not date night with bae.

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