21 Cute Designer Makeup Bags Reviewed [2016]


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Makeup bags are a perfect way of keeping your cosmetics organized while you are on the go or at home. If you are applying makeup every day then most likely your makeup products are stored everywhere. It could be on your bedside table, bathroom vanity or even on your medicine cabinet. The best way to prevent searching around for your mascara, lipstick or your favorite eyeliner is to organize them. Once you know where each one is then you can do your makeup quickly.

Makeup bags, also known as cosmetic bags, are available in different sizes, colors, and materials. The smaller ones are used for keeping the essentials handy. On the other hand, the larger ones have the capability of storing more collection. Most often they consist of several compartments so as to organize your makeup according to its types. Since there are several options then you can always find a bag that can fit your budget and personal style. Always take the time to find the right one. You don’t have to settle for one makeup bag only. In fact, you can buy different bags for different occasions or certain sizes for your specific needs.

How To Choose The Right Makeup Bags

A makeup bag is very handy since it can permit you to have everything at your own fingertips. When selecting a cosmetic bag there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Are you going to use your makeup bag at home and then place it into your purse after using? If so, then a small one works perfectly for you. Generally, this bag has a zipper on top. Place all your makeup brushes and other cosmetic products in it and just toss it into your purse.
  • Aside from using it at home, do you want to take it with you while you’re traveling? How about choosing a larger bag with numerous compartments on it.
  • Are you an extreme makeup lover? If so then most likely you would like to have several makeup products that you can possibly have. Go large. A large bag with smaller compartments can let you organize your products nicely. You can either organize them by types, colors or seasons.
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If you’re planning to buy your makeup bag then take note that these are entirely different from wallets and ordinary bags. It has the vinyl lined interiors which make it easier to clean. Choose a color or theme that you love since you will be looking at it most of the time.

Yes, you’ve got amazing options! There are fabulous choices for cosmetic bags. Anything from the large colorful bags to the small makeup bags with reasonable prices. Be beautiful and get edgy! Here are your best options:

Makeup Bag Reviews

1. Coco Chanel Quote Makeup Bags

Chanel Makeup Bag

Coco Chanel Quote Makeup Bag – Price: $14.06 – Get it via Etsy

The Coco Chanel Quote Makeup Bag is dedicated to all the CHANEL fans out there! It is a handmade item that is made from 100% cotton canvas. An elegant looking makeup pouch that can make you feel proud wherever you go. It is durable and stylish too!

2. Clear Monogram Travel Bag

Clear Makeup Bag

Clear Monogram Travel Bag – Price: $15 – Get it via Etsy

This is a clear Monogram Makeup Bag that is suitable for a traveler. It can be customized with your own monogram with the color of your choice. This is the ideal way of packing all your cosmetics in style. A custom made cosmetic bag created just for you.

3. Sunrise Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

Sunrise Cosmetic Bag – Price: $89.95 – Get it via Amazon

This is a 12-inch doctor style makeup bag that is not only stylish but useful too. The exterior part is made of faux-crocodile which looks similar to a fashionable handbag. With this bag, you can have unlimited options in organizing your makeup products. Use the two zippers on both sides in closing the top flap. It consists of four extendable trays. You can remove the center organizer for easy access in your cosmetics inside.


4. Limited Edition Jerry Hall ‘On Call’ Makeup Bags

Designer Makeup Bag

Limited Edition Jerry Hall ‘On Call’ Makeup Bag – Price: $65 – Get it via Amazon

This Limited Edition Jerry Hall ‘On Call’ Makeup Bag is the best bag for your summer makeup collection. The face of Jerry Hall is featured in this Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson limited edition collection. This photo was taken by Norman Parkinson. It is a Vogue cover of the famous beauty icon.  You can take it to the beach for storing your skin care products. It’s also best for parties and can even look nice in your bathroom.

5. Customized Makeup Bag

Etsy Makeup Bag

Customized Makeup Bag – Price: $19.99 – Get it via Etsy

“Keep your lashes long and your standards high” makeup bag can be customized according to your wishes. Want to make it pink or green? Want to print your name on the back? Anything can be possible and the choices are infinite! This handy pouch is both functional and fun too! It is made from polyester which makes it easy to clean. You can use it for keeping your make-up products, credit cards and even some cute items such as bobbi pins.

6. Abstract Dandelion Print Makeup Bags

Large Makeup Bag

Abstract Dandelion Print Makeup Bag – Price: $31 – Get it via Etsy

This cosmetic bag is hand made from U.K. It has an art deco floral design which is hand printed on the linen. This makeup bag is not only fabulous but sturdy too. Inside the bag is a navy blue cotton. This is an ideal bag for storing and organizing your cosmetics and other accessories.

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7. Bathhouse Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

Bathhouse Makeup Bag – Price: $19.95 – Get it via Amazon

The Bathhouse Makeup Bag is the best choice if you travel frequently.  It can fit perfectly inside a suitcase without taking too much space. It consists of a mesh pocket, a deep middle pocket plus a velcro compartment and brush holders. It’s easy to carry wherever you go. Just roll it up after using. You will be surprised how much cosmetics this bag can hold!

8. Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bags

Makeup Bag Amazon

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag – Price: $26.99 – Get it via Amazon

What we really love about this Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag is its cute design. The canvas is being printed with red lips. These lips belong to Tilbury’s clients and friends which include Kate Moss and Carine Roitfeld. It’s also a practical choice for any woman since it can be machine washed. This is the ideal makeup bag for your blush, lipstick, and various eyeliners. Truly a Tilbury favorite!

9. Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag

Makeup Bag Organizer

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag – Price: $15.75 – Get it via Amazon

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag is the best way of keeping all your makeup products and toiletries in one place. It is very useful when you are in a bathroom with a small space. Just simply open your bag and get on with it. Everything can be accessed easily and you don’t have to dig deeper to look for your favorite eyeliner. This bag is washable and durable too!

10. Marble and Copper Bag

Makeup Bag Pattern

Marble and Copper Bag – Price: $21.9 – Get it via Etsy

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This makeup bag has a unique marble look with a copper zipper. It looks so simple yet it is a sturdy bag for all your makeup essentials. This bag is for all those little things that you want to take with you while you are on the go. Aside from a cosmetic bag, it can also be used as a pencil case. It includes an oilcloth on the inside.

11. Bella and Bear’s Glam Bag

Makeup Bag Set

Bella and Bear’s Glam Bag – Price: $17 – Get it via Amazon

Would you like to have a chic makeup bag? If so then this Bella and Bear’s Glam Bag is not only great for traveling but also at home. It’s an amazing bag since it is easy to clean and can hardly get damaged. It features 4 separate clear zippered pockets for storing your important cosmetics. The hanging hook permits you to hang the bag just about anywhere you want.

12. Small Dragon Wing Makeup Bags

Makeup Bag Target

Small Dragon Wing Makeup Bag – Price: $32 – Get it via Etsy

This is a handmade item which is made from faux leather. A vegan bag decorated with a dragon wing. This is a cool bag for dragon lovers. Aside from storing your cosmetics, you can also store other items and accessories in it.

13. Monogram Pineapple Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag Walmart

Monogram Pineapple Makeup Bag – Price: $14.19 – Get it via Etsy

This Monogram Pineapple Makeup Bag is made from canvas. You can carry your everyday essentials in this fashionable bag. It can also be a great gift to your friend or your mom. This bag can also be used as a nice pencil case.

14. Purple Makeup Bags

Makeup Bag With Mirror

Purple Makeup Bag – Price: $14 – Get it via Etsy

This Purple Makeup Bag is the perfect size for storing your cosmetics. You can take this with you on your next trip. It can sit perfectly on a flat surface since it has a flat bottom. The exterior part is made of cotton with an Indonesian design.

15. Vera Bradley On a Roll Case

Makeup Bags Cheap

Vera Bradley On a Roll Case – Price: $17.99 – Get it via Amazon

The Vera Bradley On a Roll Case is a small makeup bag that can fit perfectly into your purse. It is ideal for storing all your cosmetics. This makeup bag is a nice travel companion while you are on the road and you need some touch ups. We absolutely love its design! It can also look fabulous on your car.

16. Bobbi Brown Black Nylon Makeup Bag

Makeup Travel Bag

Bobbi Brown Black Nylon Makeup Bag – Price: $55.49 – Get it via Amazon

Bobbi Brown is not only a trusted name for makeup but also for a makeup bag. This is a classic bag that can hold all your beauty essentials in one place. It has a roomy space inside with pockets for your makeup brushes. Additionally, there are also spaces for your everyday cosmetics such as powder, mascara, foundation and others.

17. Victorian Hearts Makeup Bags

Michael Kors Makeup Bag

Victorian Hearts Makeup Bag – Price: $20 – Get it via Etsy

This Victorian Hearts Makeup Bag can keep all your things organized, including your pens, cosmetics, accessories and others. The tassel and the heart charm adds beauty to the bag. It is a fabulous gift for your friend, mom or colleague! Or better yet for yourself as well.

18. Gold Sequin Makeup Bag

Ted Baker Makeup Bag

Gold Sequin Makeup Bag – Price: $12.99 – Get it via Etsy

A luxurious bag for all your cosmetics! This Gold Sequin Makeup Bag looks so cute and is made of excellent quality. The gold metallic fabric makes it look expensive. It can fit perfectly into your purse. The squared bottom can give you more space to store your cosmetics and other items as well.

19. Travel Poly Cosmetic Bag

Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Poly Cosmetic Bag – Price: $3.99 – Get it via Amazon

The Travel Poly Cosmetic Bag is a perfect option for rainy days since it is waterproof. It comes with breathable mesh compartments on the interior. It uses a U-zipper to secure all your makeup products. It can also be used as a first aid kit. If you have several toiletries then this is the best option for you. It can fit perfectly into your backpack together with your camera, sunscreen other personal belongings. A versatile and chic bag for any traveler.

20. Linen Makeup Bags

Vera Bradley Makeup Bag

Linen Makeup Bag – Price: $30.14 – Get it via Etsy

This is a very creative Linen Makeup Bag with hand crocheted closure. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It’s best for organizing your cosmetics and other small items. It’s a perfect gift for your BFF!

21. Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Bag Duo

Victoria Secret Makeup Bag

Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Bag Duo – Price: $15.9 – Get it via Amazon

Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Bag Duo consists of one clear bag and one metallic bag. You can place this in your purse, school bag and even in you suitcase. You can place your personal items on the metallic bag for more privacy. Both bags are not only attractive but they are also durable.  The small bag is made of nylon while the big one is made of PVC. The small bag can fit perfectly into the big one. You can store your large items on the big bag without making it look too bulky. This is a great 2 for 1 deal for any girl.

If you would like to carry huge amounts of cosmetic products then perhaps it’s time to think bigger. Go beyond small cosmetic purses and carry a makeup case with you. Having the perfect makeup bag is just as essential as having the best makeup. After all, your makeup will not be of good use if you can’t find it. Start organizing now and you’ll be happy that you did.

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