21 signs your husband is your best friend


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    If your husband does any of these things, he’s your best friend for life.

    You’ve had many friends in your life but you’ve never had a friend like your husband. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with each other you better be friends – best friends. Is your husband your best friend? Here are 21 signs to help you find out:

    1. You tell each other everything

    The first person you go to with good news is your husband and vice versa. You love sharing the stories of your day and telling each other everything.

    2. He’s the only one you trust

    There’s a small circle of people you can trust, but above everyone else, your husband is the one person you can trust the most. You know your secret is safe with him.

    3. You love to tease each other

    Fun little tricks and pranks help keep your relationship alive. The one with the funniest trick wins.

    4. He is your defender

    Your husband will always be on your side. He will defend you at all costs and protect you with his life.

    5. He loves you for both the good and bad days

    He loves seeing you happy and will love you through both the good and the bad days. The not so good days are when he’s there for you, helping to lift you up and get you back on your feet.

    6. You love each other for your flaws

    Nobody is perfect and the beauty of your friendship is you can love each other for your flaws. Your flaws don’t matter in his eyes and his flaws don’t matter in your own eyes.

    7. You each give the best advice

    You’re constantly learning and leaning on each other. When it comes to advice, he’s the first one you go to because he always has the best advice to give.

    8. You listen to each other when you need to be heard

    Communication is key in any relationship. When your husband is your best friend, he’s there to listen when you need to be heard. You do the same for him whenever he needs to talk.

    9. He won’t judge you for the little things

    No matter your quirks or personality, he loves you just the way you are. He won’t judge you for any bit of you.

    10. You do everything together

    No matter where you go, you always want him to be there right alongside you. You love to share in the adventures of life together.

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    11. He knows you better than anyone else

    Your relationship is a two way street. You know him better than you know anyone else and vice versa because there are no secrets between you two.

    12. He makes you happy

    You’re happiest when you’re with your husband. He brings out the best in you and you in him.

    13. He keeps you guessing

    No relationship is without its surprises, and he loves to keep you guessing at what he’ll do next. It’s his way of showing his affection for you and proving you’re best friends for life.

    14. He does things for you in a cute, goofy sort of way

    The best part about him is his goofiness. Sometimes he does silly things, but it only makes you love him more. You feel lucky to have him as your best friend forever.

    15. He knows just what you need

    On the rough days when you don’t know what to do, he knows exactly what to do to make you feel better.

    16. The worst days are when you’re apart

    It feels like the world stops when you’re apart. You count down the minutes until you can see your best friend again.

    17. You love each other for your strange obsessions

    Everybody is obsessed with something. You love each other no matter how weird your obsessions are. Over time, you grow to love your husband’s obsessions just as much as he does.

    18. The best road trip you’ll take is with your husband

    There’s no one else you’d take a trip with because your husband is the only one you want to share adventures with. Plus, he’s the only one who won’t judge you for belting out Disney songs at the top of your lungs while traveling to your destination.

    19. You are his whole world

    Nothing matters more to him than you. You are his whole life and the center of his universe and vice versa.

    20. PDA is just a plus

    Public display of affection is just a plus to having your husband for a best friend. You love to love each other.

    21. Life just wouldn’t be right without him

    Now that you know him, a life without your husband just wouldn’t be right. He’s the only one you can call your own and your only true best friend. You are each other’s best friend for life.

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