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21 Simple Prom Makeup Ideas, Tutorials and Pictures

Prom makeup is very important for every girl who wants to look amazing for one of the most important days while being in high-school. Our team at beautified designs created this prom makeup tutorial so you can discover how you can obtain a perfect look.  You can even do it yourself with a great set of tools like eyelash curlers, flat irons or curlings irons!

Prom is the most memorable and unforgettable day of every girl.  This is the night w. she will be dancing with her crush and enjoying the company of her friends.  This is why, it is very important to look at your best, makeup and jewelry included!


21 Simple Prom Makeup Ideas, Tutorials, and Pictures

1. Prom Make Up

Prom Make Up
Originally posted by olwomen

If you want to be the queen of prom then you should try this simple and easy prom makeup. Apply a crimson red color on your lips. Combine this with a blush on and smokey eyes. You can add some curls to obtain a unique look.  And use the best hair brush for your hair!

2. Unique Makeup For Prom

Makeup For Prom

If you don’t want to make too many transformations then this is the best option for you. Choose a black eyeliner and apply it narrowly on your eyes. Apply lots of mascara and finish it up with a bare lipstick which can match the natural color of your lips. Apply a subtle brown blush to make you look more amazing.

3. Prom Make Up Ideas

Prom Make Up Ideas
Originally posted by olwomen

Cat eyes can make you look remarkable. Just make sure that it is done in the right way. In order to create cat eyes, you have to coat your eyes with heavy mascara and smudge them with a black eyeliner. Make your lips glossy and apply some neutral blush on your cheeks. This prom makeup can give you an extraordinary look.

4. Stylish Makeup For Prom

Stylish Makeup For Prom

This is one of the best combinations of prom makeup. Use gray shadows for your eyes and pink lipstick for your lips. Apply a little bit of pink blush on and you’re ready to go.


5. Prom Makeup Tutorial

Prom Makeup Tutorial
Originally posted by olwomen

This type of makeup is very simple and yet it can provide you with a romantic image. Neutral brown hues are applied to the eyes along with a dark black mascara. Apply pink lipstick and make your cheeks subtle. It can make you look amazing!

6. Celebrity Makeup For Prom

Celebrity Makeup For Prom

This makeup is perfect for girls who have a light complexion. For the soft smokey eyes, use a mascara with a bit of black eyeliner. Combine this with pink lips and pink cheeks.

7. Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup Tips

If you want to have a subtle and simple makeup then you should choose this one. Apply white eyes shadow at the corners. Then apply some pink shades on the edges along with a heavy mascara. Apply a clear gloss on your lips and make your cheeks smooth. This eye-catching makeup is perfect for ladies who have light skin tones. This makeup can definitely brighten up their image.


8. Amazing Makeup For Prom

Amazing Makeup For Prom

When applying black eyeliner, make a little outward stroke in order to make it look subtle yet stylish. Your makeup can be enhanced by applying red lipstick.

9. Romantic Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup Tumblr

Make your eyes look romantic by applying mascara, eyeliner and a combination of gray and blue hues. Apply a soft peach blush on and a peachy glossy lipstick to complete your makeup. This is the perfect makeup for a memorable prom night.


10. Beautiful Makeup For Prom

Beautiful Makeup For Prom

This is another astounding makeup that girls should try. The bronze shaded smokey eyes is combined with bare lips and pink cheeks to obtain a perfect look.

11. Prom Makeup For Brown Eyes

Prom Makeup For Brown Eyes

This type of prom makeup can be matched with a black prom dress or any other dark colors. Use a shimmery brown eyeshadow on the eyelids, above and under the eyelids. This can give you an outstanding shimmery look. Give it some highlight by applying a deep black eyeliner. Apply a peach lipstick on the lips and you’re done.


12. Perfect Makeup For Prom

Perfect Makeup For Prom

This amazing makeup can make onlookers turn their heads. Apply a rose eyeshadow above the eyelids, dark gray eyeshadow on the eyelids and finally gold eyeshadow under the eyelids. Combine it with a dark rose lipstick and some gloss to brighten it up. It would look perfect if you apply a very soft blush on the cheeks.

13. Shimmery Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup Pinterest

If you are planning to wear a red gown on prom night then this is the best makeup for you. This can provide you with a dramatic look and can highlight the brightness of red. Apply shimmery bronze shade on the eyes. Make it subtle if you are using a dark lipstick. Apply a black eyeliner. Make it soft and not too thick. To enhance the glow of the makeup, you can use false eyelashes and apply a little bit of mascara.


14. Dramatic Makeup For Prom

Dramatic Makeup For Prom

Berry lipstick can be perfect when combined with smokey eyes created from a combination of metallic shades. It can give you a dramatic look.

15. Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

You might think that this makeup is very complicated, but it’s not. It’s very simple and soft. First, apply a shimmery white shade on the eyelids. Then apply the peach and combine it with the white shadow. Complete the eye makeup by using a mascara and an eyeliner. Use a bubble gum pink liner in lining your lips. Then apply a lip gloss with the same color in order to have an amazing and perfectly smooth makeup.


16. Fabulous Makeup For Prom

Fabulous Makeup For Prom

This type of makeup is best for girls who are having medium to light skin tones. Use bronze eyeshadow for your eyes and combine it with black mascara and black eyeliner. Apply pink lipstick and pink blush on and you’re ready for your Prom.

17. Amazing Smokey Eyes

Prom Makeup Artist

You can have astounding smokey eyes by applying dark gray, copper and white shades on your eyelids. Combine this with a mascara and a black eyeliner. Apply clear glossy lipstick and a tan blush on to give you a splendid look on your Prom night.


18. Celebrity Prom Makeup

Celebrity Prom Makeup
Originally posted by makeupideasmag

If you have smokey eyes then the best match would be a lighter lipstick or lip gloss.

19. Prom Makeup For Red Dress

Prom Makeup For Red Dress

Apply red lipstick on your lips. Use false eyelashes for your eyes and use plenty of mascara and eyeliner to have an amazing look. Complete the makeup by applying pink blush on the cheeks. This makeup is very natural since it avoids over makeup.

20. Light Prom Makeup

Light Prom Makeup
Originally posted by .

If you want to have a minimal makeup then why don’t you try Taylor Swift’s clean look? It looks natural and classic.

21. Bronze Prom Makeup

Silver Prom Makeup

Using various tones of bronze is perfect for darker skin. It makes them shine.


I’m sure that by now, you have already selected the prom makeup that you want. Before starting off with your makeup, you should use a concealer and a foundation. Try to choose a foundation that can match to your skin tone. Some girls want to match their makeup with their Prom dress.


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