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23 Latest Kitenge Designs 2021


For the 21st century, the latest kitenge designs have swept the world to a scale technocrats can imagine. The African fashion industry was nothing but a dream for African fashion houses, as that industry collapsed from the weight of the continent’s ignorance and bureaucracy that characterized its business environment. African women led the way in embracing this ancient fashion style but dramatically and noble. In the past, to the potential shown by Kitenge, fashion makers in Africa and Kenya had their work cut out for them.

T. are many kitenge designs that you will never go out of them. You can still make a bold statement with the latest kitenge designs cloth. The trick is knowing your body type and using it to showcase your best features. If you have gorgeous legs to show off and like to incorporate an African print, then the designs of the short dress are sure to impress everyone who looks at you. Most African prints will suit different characteristics of our tastes and social fabric.


Kenyan African women love Kitenge prints. Here are 23 latest kitenge designs 2021 that are awesome for ladies with Kitenge dresses. When wearing the latest kitenge designs 2021, it’s important not to go away with head-to-toe plaid clothing, as it exudes a muddled fashion statement.

23 Latest Kitenge Designs 2021

You could get the kitenge designs 2021 collection with its accessories. In most cases, African and Kenyan designers mix prints with simple patterns to make simple and traditional clothes. Check out 23 styles of the latest kitenge designs 2021 that are awesome for Kenyan women to try now:


Kitenge Long Dress

The most pleasing thing about these latest kitenge designs is that you can prepare them the way you want without peeking like a bum. This elegant kitenge dress below-the-knee proves it. It looks just perfect with its elegant accessories. Moreover, the maroon and yellow color on the white base makes the dress ten times perfect. For the latest kitenge designs and ideas, give our modern Kitenge dress designs a sneak peek.

Kitenge Long DressKitenge Long Dress

Kitenge dress for wedding guest

What would look better in the latest kitenge designs than a tail dress? Tie your hair with a printed tie similar to your kitenge dress. You will love wearing such clothes, especially at someone’s wedding.

Kitenge dress for wedding guestKitenge dress for wedding guest

Embroidered Kitenge Long Dress

The Kitenge industry is making its mark on African 2022 fashion trends. What’s not to love about this mustard hoodie in a kitenge style and embroidered knotwork worn over ripped jeans and belted accessories? You can wear the latest kitenge designs 2021 on your friend’s birthday or special occasions or even for an office meeting. 

Embroidered Kitenge Long DressEmbroidered Kitenge Long Dress

Long Kitenge Curvy Dress

We love the combination of yellow and black sundress in this elegant maxi dress. Also, perfect for accentuating your curves. Not only that, it has two pockets and an invisible zipper at the back as well. 

Long Kitenge Curvy DressLong Kitenge Curvy Dress

Kitenge long skirts

Kitenge long skirts never go out of fashion. Pair your skirt with a simple blouse has a whimsical shoulder tucked in. Pair brightly colored earrings with the shades of your dress, and take your business style several shades.

Kitenge long skirtsKitenge long skirts

Kitenge mermaid dress

This bold Kitenge dress is perfect for any event like weddings or engagements. Pair a gold necklace with your mermaid dress and kill! T. are times when you are supposed to wear funky clothes. And kitenge is the best choice. You can try Kente headwrap, at least. It’s a chance to look and feel like the queen! Massage your head and protect your hair from dust and pollution with this beautiful African kitenge print headdress

Kitenge mermaid dressKitenge mermaid dress

Kitenge jackets 

Don’t you think this Ankara puffer jacket is a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe this year? Pair your bomber jacket with ripped jeans and a white shirt underneath the kitenge jacket. Also, have a look at the latest kitenge designs for little girls.

Casual kitenge Blouse

This kitenge blouse for ladies is the most simple and elegant way to wear Ankara prints. You can try the below African floral print shirt with short sleeves and perfect length. These tops are suitable for simple and semi-formal occasions. 

Casual kitenge BlouseCasual kitenge Blouse

Kitenge dress for work

One of the most basic needs of any woman is to have formal pieces in her closet that she can wear in the office, workplace, or any casual occasion. 

Kitenge dress for workKitenge dress for work

Kitenge dress for wedding 

The latest kitenge designs for Wedding Dresses are .. You can find a large variety of traditional wedding wear that mixes colors. 

Kitenge dress for wedding Kitenge dress for wedding 

Kitenge Outfit for Weddings

Wedding attire should be perfect, cultured, and stylish. Gold plated earrings will be perfect for this occasion.

Kitenge Outfit for WeddingsKitenge Outfit for Weddings

Kitenge Long Dresses Designs 2021

When we talk about elegance, bold patterns, and shades, the latest kitenge designs and styles catch our eye. Africa itself is famous for its rich culture and traditions. Kenyan Kitenge designs are known for their tribal prints and bold colors the world over. She has left her mark on the world fashion industry as well.

Kitenge is used and designed to stand out and turn it into beautiful pieces of fashion art. Should you be thinking about what are the latest kitenge designs? Or how do you wear Kitenge long dresses? Before going to it, you have to know a few things regarding the latest kitenge designs for long dresses.

Kitenge Long Dresses Designs 2021Kitenge Long Dresses Designs 2021

How do you dress in Kitenge for school?

If you want to be the center of attention in your college the same way you are on party nights or events, you can wear the latest Kitenge designs for 2022. Ditch your traditional schoolbags and grab a mini backpack that’s perfect for African fashion lovers. Keep your look as cute as possible and accessorize it with the help of African prints.

How do you wear Kitenge prints in the fall?

You can’t help but look luminous and bright in a Kennedy jumpsuit. Add skin-tone shoes to your look. If you’re planning to take fall pictures or are in the mood to take a few pictures on Instagram, wear brown earrings and have your hair braided.


How do you wear a Kitenge to work?

Here is an eye-catching and fashionable peplum top in new red fabric. It’s an outfit that can be transformed from office wear to night partywear with minimal effort. All you have to do is add fancy shoes and dark makeup for a night party.

We hope that you have found the best kitenge designs to wear now.


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