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23 Perfect Short Almond Nails To Try In 2022


Almond is one of the most popular nail shapes right now, and it’s easy to see why we chose short almond nails. The walnut-like shape of the same name is elegant, sophisticated, and elegant. So, if you’ve selected short almond nails for your nails, it’s time to show it off, and we’ve got designs for the job. These short almond nails will bring fashion to your fingertips.

Almond nails are one of the most common forms of nails. That’s because the gently tapered finish creates a feminine, sexy and glamorous look for every finger shape. These short almond nails are also more practical than sharp mountaintop and dramatic coffin nails while making your nails look slimmer. Even better, it’s the perfect canvas for a variety of nail colors, patterns, and designs. So, if you want to get rid of your nail polish, look no further!


When you go out and walk around town or on a fancy occasion, you’ll want to look your best! This idea means getting dressed in your favorite clothes, styling your hair, and choosing your accessories! The main section of your look is your nails! Of course, it’s always interesting to see what kind of unique pattern or design you’ll find! Besides nail design, the shape of your nails also matters! The different short almond nails give your whole hand and look a new look! Check out our set of 23 short almond nails. We have a whole lot of different ideas on how to paint your nails if they are almond-shaped!

#4 Tips For Short Almond Nails:

Looking for a new way to paint nails? Here are the steps for dyeing nails with almond nail color:

  1. A diagonal line along with your nails on the left side. Using the brush that came with the bottle, draw a diagonal line in the pastel color of your choice. Chelsea Chelsea uses a mint green shade, and to make it as easy as possible, we start by drawing a thin diagonal line and gradually add more layers to make it thicker.
  2. Choose another color, pastel colors, and draw another diagonal line on the other side. Allow drying before moving to the right side to avoid smudging and color mixing in between nails.
  3. Choose two or three pale pastel colors, alternating on the right side of your nails. After drawing the diagonal line on the other side of the nail, allow the shadows to overlap a little to complete the shape.
  4. To finish, don’t forget to apply a topcoat.

Summer short almond nails

Next time you’re searching for a summer manicure, try short almond nails. While t. is pressure on choosing the color of your polish, choosing the shape of your nails is just as important, if not more when it comes to adjusting the look of your manicure. The round is classic, the square is statement-making, and the stiletto is bold. Short almond nails, with their namesake oval silhouette, have the best of all three. It’s sleek and modern and has a touch of edge thanks to its slightly tapered tip.

Summer short almond nailsSummer short almond nails

Short almond french nails

Nail salons this inspired nail shape from almonds looks a lot like it. You can get it by keeping a base and rounding the edges towards the top of your finger. The best way to get it is to make sure that the narrowest part of your tip line is in line with the center of your nail, you will give your nails a longer shape, but it is not practical. It is easy to break your nail.

short almond french nailsshort almond french nails

Pastel short almond nails

If you love a sweet manicure or just dream of summer, then a pastel almond manicure is a perfect choice. The semi-gloss finish will make your fingertips look like candy, while the high-gloss sheen gives them a more elegant feel. You can also rock it with pastel nail color or go for a contrasting pastel nail. These soft, subtle shades look great on all skin tones but are flattering on deep complexions.

 pastel almond manicure is a perfect choice pastel almond manicure is a perfect choice

Tribal almond shaped nails

The tribal style is perfect for anyone who has short nails and loves a bold and bright design. Although it may take a few traditions to make the appearance right, the attractive style is well worth the additional work.

Tribal almond-shaped nails with emojiTribal almond-shaped nails with emoji

French manicure almond nails

A classic French manicure that includes a nude base with a white tip is for you. For a modern twist, try the same formula on short almond nails with a more subtle transition from nude base to white. The tips will grasp attention to the sophisticated look of your nails, while the light beige base makes them appear longer.

French manicure almond nails with orange shadeFrench manicure almond nails with orange shade

Pastel almond-shaped nails

Beautiful pastel shades will give your short almond nails a cute summer style. Choose your favorite color for the look, or try a different color on each finger for a fun twist.

Beautiful almond-shaped nails with Pastel colorsBeautiful almond-shaped nails with Pastel colors

Black Almond Nails

The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe staple, and the little black manicure is equally classic when it comes to short almond nails. We said that idea because the black coating attracts the eye with the fingers and emphasizes the pointed shape. It is also a versatile option. When combined with elegant jewelry, the effect is elegant and charming. However, it can also be edgy and cool when combined with street fashion or a more rock-solid look.

Almond Nails with black manicureAlmond Nails with black manicure

Almond-shaped nails

These gorgeous negative space nails make it look as if the tip of the nail is floating. You can do this nail art by using a strip of curved tape to your fingernail before applying it black. Next, let your polish dry and remove the masking tape to reveal the stunning design.

Gorgeous Almond-shaped nails
Gorgeous Almond-shaped nails

Halloween Almond Nails 

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to celebrate spooky nail art! Decorate your short almond nails with fun decorations like cats, witches, skeletons, and jack-o’-lanterns. Another option is the “blood-dripping” effect. The scary look can be easily created with deep red paint and will make your friends scream with envy.

Short Almond Shaped Nails for Halloween Short Almond Shaped Nails for Halloween

Colored almond nails

Can’t decide on a nail polish shade? These colored short almond nails are for you. Keep the color palette cohesive by choosing shades of colors in the same family – such as pastels. You can also try the gradient or spectrum effect. One of the popular versions of this design is pastel shades or imitation of colors in the sunset.

colored short almond nails for Your Next Nail Lookcolored short almond nails for Your Next Nail Look

Almond nails with paints

Because short almond nails are large in shape, you can put words and messages on them – not just letters or initials. Best of all, you can customize this trend to suit your style; Different fonts and colors will completely change the finish. Some people choose a manicure writing style that is full of attitude. Meanwhile, others go for a soft, sweet message for a special occasion – like their wedding day or engagement party.

Short Almond Nail Designs with paints
Short Almond Nail Designs with paints

Almond nails with a French tip

Pressed nails have come a long way from the uneasy stickers of our childhood! Those who want to experiment with short almond nails with a French tip look without committing to acrylic should try the squeeze version. It’s also a great way to test out different trends – such as the transparent design – before you fill in your talents. Finally, pressing on nails is a quick and easy fix if you’ve broken acrylic and can’t get a salon appointment!

Almond nails with a French tip
Almond nails with a French tip

Short Almond Nails

Get inspired by the world around you with short almond nails. If your house is full of lush plants, why not paint your nails to match? Almond nails give you plenty of room to work with, so you can be more detailed and creative. An elegant touch on the trend is a white manicure with paper nails. Even better for spring and summer, the muted tones in this design look amazing when you’ve got a tan.

Short almond shaped nailsShort almond shaped nails

Retro Summer Nails 

Nail salons are opening up, so if you want to get rid of those broken or dull nails but still have no idea what your next nail art will be, Think about how many times you’ve worn the nail color on your nails now. Several times, If you love nail art, you know that deciding on your next look will never be easy. Scroll through for the best Retro Summer Nails below and the next page for more inspiration before you hit the nail salon.

Retro Summer Nails in almond shaped nailsRetro Summer Nails in almond shaped nails

These beautiful nails are by thehangedit. Are you looking for beautiful nail ideas? Discover more beautiful nails or book an appointment with this makeover. Head over to explore more nail art design ideas from Change. Stay up-to-date with our featured products on Instagram.

Short almond nails with green nail polish

If you want to enjoy an attractive green nail color, use short almond nails with determination and strength. It is one of my favorite choices for 2022. It is one of the most beautiful patterns that give your nails a striking look. You can choose darker shades of green and apply them in a uniform color and decorate one nail with glitter. Or you can take advantage of the light shades of green and adopt new nail art.

Short almond nails with green nail polishShort almond nails with green nail polish

Short almond nails with bright red nail polish

Adding the golden glitter manicure to the bright red nail polish is an ideal option for evenings as the golden glitter manicure is adopted at the base of the nail, and the bright red manicure is applied to the rest of the nail. You will get modern and attractive almond-shaped nails that show beauty and radiance on your hands. Short almond nails will be an eye-catching option.

Short almond nails with bright red nail polishShort almond nails with bright red nail polish

Short nail shapes with colorful drawings

Short almond nail shapes stand out among the 2022 winter nail trends. You can choose colorful geometric shapes that give your look a happy and cheerful touch. You can select the derivatives of pastel colors from pink, light green, yellow and combine these colors with circular geometric lines in the form of a half crescent moon at the ends of the nail and leave the rest of the space blank.

Short nail shapes with colorful drawingsShort nail shapes with colorful drawings

Almond nails with roses drawings

Almond nails with roses drawingsAlmond nails with roses drawings

You can do Short almond nails with roses drawings at home in easy steps without special tools. To implement them, you can use a light nail polish for the base and then cut an old nail polish brush so that it becomes thin and use it to make flower leaves in red or your favorite color. You can also use any old eyeliner brush to make thin branches between the flowers, and t. are many inexpensive nail art tools available in the market that you can use to create these designs.

Are almond nails still trending in 2022?

Yes, almond nails are still trending in 2022. The most popular nail shape depends on several factors, including the general trend that year and whether you want to make a statement. For some, coffin nails are a must, while others prefer a hassle-free way to trim their nails and opt for square or round nails.


Why did it call almond nails?

As the name suggests, the almond nut’s nail shape resembles an almond nut. They have thin sides that curve upward, which finished at a point. It is an attractive shape and can make the fingers look slender. It’s also incredibly versatile and looks great in a multitude of colors, designs, and patterns.

Are almond nails strong?

Of course, almond nails are strong, which is much more practical than coffin or stiletto nails. But due to their length and shape, they are more prone to breakage than round or square nails.


Can almond nails be short?

Yes, almond nails can shorten if you follow these tips:
1. Consider the almond shape of your nails if you want to lengthen the look of your fingers.
2. Remember that the almond shape can work with a range of nail lengths, including long and somewhat short ones.
3. Create almond-shaped nails at home by filling the sides of the nail toward the center and rounding the tip.
4. Try acrylic nail design if you want to create the perfect almond shape and length.
5. Choose feminine nail art designs to complement the sophisticated look of almond nails.

We hope that you have found the best almond nail shape to DIY in 2022.