25 Questions Everyone Secretly Wishes They Could Ask Their Ex


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Your relationship may have ended with a peaceful parting or with something akin to a scene from a World War I movie. You may be the dumper or you may be the dumpee. The dismantling of your relationship may have left you skipping through fields of daisies or laying on the floor writhing in pain.

No matter how your relationship ended, there’s probably a few questions that are still lingering in your mind. Here’s a list of 25 questions everyone secretly wishes they could ask their ex.

1. Did you mean what you said?

When you said that you couldn’t stand the way I wear plaid .-ups, were you just picking a fight? On the other hand, when you said you saw us getting married, did you mean that?

2. Was it really you, not me?

Or are you just trying to use a cliché to soften the blow?

3. Do you ever look at my .?

Because I don’t look at yours …

4. What does it mean when you like my Instagram pictures?

You know that photo I posted last week? Yeah, the one with you not in it where I’m having fun with my friends who aren’t you. Why did you like it? Does that mean you wish you were there or something? Or does it mean that we’re over the break-up thing enough to be casual social media friends?

5. What did you like about me?

I mean, there had to be something.

6. What did you not like about me?

Just be honest.

7. Do you still think about me?

I think about you. It would be weird if I didn’t, right?

8. Do you still have the stuff I gave you?

Because I spent a good penny on that Broncos jersey and I know you really wanted it so I want you to use it but that’s weird, right?

9. Do your family and friends hate me?

They can.

10. Do you hate me?

You can.

11. What does your new partner know about me?

Does she think I’m crazy? Does she know about me at all?

12. Are there things that still remind you of me?

Like when you eat grilled cheese sandwiches with applesauce (because you know it’s better that way) or when Ingrid Michaelson comes on the radio?

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13. Have you moved on already?

Or does it still feel like you’re re-enacting a scene from a Shakespeare tragedy?

14. Was I a bad partner?

I just want to know.

15. Can we divide territories so we never run into each other out of the blue again?

I especially don’t want to run into you if I’m on a date, or you’re on a date, or on days that I decide sweatpants are a good life choice.

16. What’s your biggest regret about our relationship?

Because I’m sorry I always assumed you wanted to do what I wanted to do. I wish I had been more considerate and asked your opinion more often.

17. Why do you leave your mail in the car?

I always thought it was weird; I just never said anything because it wasn’t important. But it was weird.

18. What could I have done differently?

There must be something that I could have done.

19. Do you ever write me texts and then delete them before hitting send?

Once I typed out, “Do you ever write me texts and then delete them before hitting send?” But then I deleted it.

20. What advice would you give me for my next relationship?

I want to grow and not make the same mistakes again.

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21. When did you realize you didn’t want to be together any more?

Straight up, how long ago was it really?

22. Did you ever think we would last?

Or was it “just for fun?”

23. Do you wish we were still together?

Not that I think we would last, but sometimes, I still miss us.

24. Do you still think we could work out?

It doesn’t matter whether I think it would work; I want to know what you actually think.

25. What do you wish you could ask me?

Your turn.


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