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26+ Awesome Easter Nail Art Ideas To Try In Spring 2022

Easter nail art ideas are inspired by natural animals and plants, which look similar to spring nails. However, Easter nail art ideas have unique design elements, such as cute bunnies, little Easter eggs, chicks, carrots, etc. As the nail trend continues to change, this year’s Easter nail design also features some creative designs that blend perfectly with other styles. The annual Easter comes quietly.


Are you all ready to celebrate Easter? For example: decorating holiday-themed homes, making Easter crafts, etc. Of course, please don’t forget that t. are also the latest cute and perfect Easter nail art ideas this year that are worth trying. Before the holiday, check out these ideas, choose a favorite nail design and wear it to feel the festive atmosp. in advance.

Easter nail art ideas are a good start to using bright nail colors around the year. So I think this is something not everyone can miss. Let’s check out these nail designs and get inspired. We have rounded up and collected these 26 best easter nail art ideas to try in spring 2022.


26 Easter Nail Art Ideas

Holidays are always a good excuse to change up your nail art! With Easter just around the corner, you can get yourself a new set of nails! Take a look at over 26 adorable Easter manicures to try in Spring 2022!

Short Easter Nails

If you are a fan of festive short nail designs, this one is one of the classic and most popular Easter nail designs. Cute rabbits and chickens look perfect. This Easter nail design is suitable for most women.

26+ Awesome Easter Nail Art Ideas To Try In Spring 202226+ Awesome Easter Nail Art Ideas To Try In Spring 2022

Speckled Easter-Egg Nails

 Awesome Easter Nail Art Idea Awesome Easter Nail Art Idea
Awesome Easter Nail Art Ideas

Colorful Easter nail art

In the spring season, you can pick the gorgeous Easter nail designs with colorful manicures with different drawings for Easter to flaunt the vitality and fun on this day by giving your hands a cheerful and attractive appearance to be unique. If you are looking for the perfect Easter nail art, you must try these spring nail art ideas that we picked for you.

Colorful Easter nail artColorful Easter nail art
Colorful Easter nail art

Easter nail art in spring colors

In the spring 2022 season, rebel against the classic manicure colors and choose colorful drawings inspired by the most beautiful spring colors, especially pastel colors. Try the Easter nail art trend in a different color, especially by blending this look with colorful makeup that suits the beauty of women.

Easter nail art in spring colorsEaster nail art in spring colors
Easter nail art ideas

Pastel Colors

Pastel is one of the best Easter nail art ideas. Try the interlacing color of two or more colors on one nail with a fun wave pattern that expresses your lively personality for this season.

pastel acrylic nails ideaspastel acrylic nails ideas
Easter nail art ideas

Bunny nail art

Easter inspires us with colorful and decorated manicure ideas inspired by its cheerful atmosp.. Let the roses bloom on your nails with fun and lively drawings that bring together many of the most beautiful spring colors. You can also decorate the roses with luxurious shiny accessories. I turned to the rabbits with harmonious geometric shapes and harmonious colors each other, such as blue and white. You can also choose fruits drawings on your nails for a fun look, such as lemon yellow drawing, which appears to be a refreshing look.

Bunny nail artBunny nail art
Easter nail art ideas

Easter nails from Instagram

We will show you the latest trends of Easter nail art ideas from Instagram 2022 with the latest popular nail designs trends and shapes in the spring nail fashion 2022. These picks are colorful and cheerful drawings that have been strongly present among the beauty blogs on Instagram, so follow us with a group of the latest trends that accompany nails today and give your hands a modern look that attracts attention.

Easter nails from InstagramEaster nails from Instagram
Easter nail art ideas

Multicolored almond nails

Almond nail shapes stand out in summer trends with the trends of drawings towards colorful geometric shapes that give your look a happy and cheerful touch. So, you can choose derivatives of pastel colors from pink, light green, and yellow and combine these colors with circular geometric lines in the form of a half-crescent moon at the ends of the nail.

Multicolored almond nailsMulticolored almond nails

tapered square nails

This season, nails are popular in various shapes, whether short, long or round, and this is what gives you the most appropriate choice for the nail shape and makes you master drawings that fit the nail space. You can choose the long square nail with colorful paints that pulsate with bright colors that are consistent with light gradients and merge them into wavy geometric lines on the tip of the nail, or be satisfied with the colorful French trend, as you will see through the pictures.

tapered square nailstapered square nails
Easter nail art ideas

French Easter nails

Of course, we cannot do Easter nails without the colorful nail art in the French manicure style, in which you can create them classically from the tip of the nail. You can get creative Easter nail art ideas with drawings, and you may choose the suitable colors and shades for the Spring-Summer 2022 season.

French Easter nail art ideas-French Easter nail art ideas-
Easter nail art ideas

We hope that you have found the best Easter nails designs to copy and try this year. If you wish to try other shapes, you can visit our Pinterest page.


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