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26+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021


These Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are a must-have. Your nail art can show your love for the vacation, and it is often the final touch to your Halloween costume. T. are many spooktacular nails ideas to try from classic pumpkin lights to art inspired by films. Now said, t. are numerous ideas to settle on from, it is often impossible to select.

Halloween might feel a little weird this year for reasons you can guess with certainty. However, that’s no excuse to let your Halloween nail art game suffer. Fortunately, countless nail artists on Instagram are equally excited about the spooky magic of October 31, with some offering spider-web French tips, elegant orange Halloween acrylic nails, and black Halloween acrylic nail designs, and candy corn nails.


We show you the best inspiration for your Halloween acrylic nails, as Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. It marks the start of the holiday season. Get original this Halloween with these scary nail ideas. From Halloween porch decorations, Halloween costumes, Halloween garland ideas to spooky Halloween treats.

21 Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021

Ghosts and Vamps, monsters and magicians, our favorite movie villains – Halloween gives us a chance to change our makeup looks, stack up on outdoor accessories, and express ourselves to the max. That’s what we aim for at Show off your unique self – even if it means summoning your fearsome side. Heading into the 31st of October, we’ve been “hearts” with tons of Halloween-themed beauty ideas to inspire our costumes (including the makeup looks for every freaky encounter), and the unique nail art designs we see have got us all in the Halloween spirit.


Our favorite Halloween acrylic nails this year are a twist on the already nail trends of fall. You can think of French manicures, mismatched manicures, and know-how good they are for Halloween, or you can choose shades of orange that aren’t too much on the nose but are just enough to make the point. October 31 is around the corner. Let’s have fun. Scroll for the latest Halloween acrylic nail ideas for 2021.

Halloween Acrylic Nail Art

That’s w. we are available. We love Halloween day so have picked out 26+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021. We’ve spiders, ghosts, bats, and more Halloween manicures. Take a glance, you’ll require it to be Halloween all year round! It’s the perfect time to plan your manicure getting ready to celebrate Halloween on October 31, To add a little spooky fun to your Halloween acrylic nails. You might want to celebrate your manicure. Ahead, get inspired by creepy Halloween acrylic nails to try throughout October.


We have this bold Halloween mani. Each nail features a different design including black color, orange Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials with spiders, glitter, and eventually a white and black nail with a spooky look. This Halloween manicure is often a cool nail concept that uses classic Halloween colors and art, but it’s also glitzy and classy. Recreate the entire mani or simply one or two designs.

A fun Halloween acrylic nail is a perfect way to spice up your Halloween look and give it that extra edge. So, to make sure you kill your look from head to toe, we’ve rounded up Halloween acrylic nails—from spooky skulls to lit lanterns—for DIY (if you dare) or turn to your nail artist for inspiration.

26+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 202126+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021

Spooky Halloween Nail Art

If you’re keen on the Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this nail design is for you. Here we’ve Jack and Sally-inspired nails. Some Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are matte black, while one nail is white with black drips. Two of the nails feature art that appears like Sally’s patchwork dress, and t.fore the last nail is black with Jack Skellington’s head. This Halloween manicure is often a fun and dark Halloween mani, and it’s perfect for fans of the movie.

26+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 202126+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021

Cute Halloween Nail Art Idea

If you wish for the orange and black color combo, then you would like to see this concept. On one hand, all the Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are black and have 3D roses, gold skulls, and rhinestones. While the opposite hand has nude and orange ombre nails with a spider, web, and dots. We love this because you get two unusual sets of nails in one mani. Recreate this or use one set of Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials on both hands.

Cute Halloween Nail Art IdeaCute Halloween Nail Art Idea

Halloween pumpkin Nails Tutorials

The next mani features another fun pumpkin look. So for this, all of the Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are orange, and each item features a black pumpkin face. Some faces are classic, while some are unique. This Halloween manicure is often simple to make and wear mani which will suit all Halloween events. Recreate this or use one face on all Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials. You’ll even create your own!

Halloween pumpkin Nails TutorialsHalloween pumpkin Nails Tutorials

Halloween Nails with Ghost Art

Maybe ghosts are more your thing? If so, this mani is ideal for you. Each Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorial is different and includes nude color, white, and sorcery, and one ghost accent nail. It’s a great combination of stylish, but also spooky. We love ghost art because it’s so cute. Try the entire look or put the ghost design on all nails.

Halloween Nails with Ghost ArtHalloween Nails with Ghost Art

Pumpkin Nails for Halloween

Love the pumpkin and drip nail art? Well, this mani combines the two! Most of the Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are bright orange with black drips. T.’s also one accent nail that’s black with glitter pumpkin tips. It’s a fun, spooky, and unique look. This mani is ideal for Halloween parties. Recreate the pumpkin tips otherwise you can have a bigger pumpkin within the center of the nail.

Pumpkin Nails for HalloweenPumpkin Nails for Halloween

Halloween acrylic nails short

If you’re keen on classic Halloween designs, then this Halloween manicure is often for you. Here we’ve long coffin Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials. Some are black, some have black and orange stripes, and t.fore the last nail is white with pumpkins. We love this because the stripes and pumpkins look awesome! you’ll recreate both the pumpkins and stripes with a stencil otherwise you can hand-paint them.

Halloween acrylic nails shortHalloween acrylic nails short

Cute Halloween nails ideas

We love this next nail idea. Here we’ve long stiletto nails, and each one has nude and orange ombre. T. also are two accent nails that feature spiders and webs, while the opposite has stripes. The nail art is cute and spooky, and t.fore the ombre is bold and classy. This mani ticks all the boxes!

Cute Halloween nails ideasCute Halloween nails ideas

Matte black halloween nails

Matte black halloween nailsMatte black halloween nails

Prefer a more vampy look? If so, you would like to see out these Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials. The Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials are an extended coffin shape, and each nails the nails apart from one have rich red and black ombre.

Scary Halloween nail designs

Scary Halloween nail designsScary Halloween nail designs

Whether you want to go to the nail salon to get your nails done for Halloween or you want to do it at home, we’ll help you use the looks of these creators for inspiration. And as always, you can give them your touch. If you want to add your personal touch, These fun manicure ideas can stand on their own if you’re not dressed up or serve as a perfect enhancement to your spooky Halloween acrylic nails and makeup. Here are the best and latest Halloween acrylic nails to wear to your Halloween spirit on your fingertips in 2021.

26+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 202126+ Latest Trendy Halloween Acrylic Nails Tutorials 2021

Halloween pumpkin nails

Pumpkin is the main symbol of Halloween acrylic nails. You can incorporate them into your nail art design without having to go to a nail salon, thanks to this Halloween manicure idea. Paint your nails orange and paint some cute pumpkin faces in black and yellow, as shown in the picture. It’s a simple design that will remind you of the most beautiful night of the year, even if you decide not to wear a costume.

Halloween pumpkin nailsHalloween pumpkin nails

Halloween lantern nail designs

Inspired by Jack-O-Lantern, .’s another great idea for Halloween acrylic nails. However, unlike the previous item on this list, this one is much hotter. You can test your creativity by painting your nails in red, black, and white. After that, you can draw scary faces and fill them with other colors. We love this weird idea!

Halloween lantern nail designsHalloween lantern nail designs

Halloween bat nails

You can go with easy Halloween bat nail designs without annoying about overdoing it. It’s perfect for going to the office, even when it’s not Halloween. To create this simple acrylic nail art design, you need black, orange, and white nail polish. Start by painting all the nails orange, after which you can paint the bats black on a few nails, completing the white eyeballs.

Halloween bat nailsHalloween bat nails

Halloween pink bat nails

In order not to freak you out at first, . is a very delicate pink nail design for Halloween with black bats and a spider. You legit only need two things to do at home, soft pink nail polish and a set of nail stickers to make those bats an easy way.

Halloween pink bat nailsHalloween pink bat nails

Incredible Hulk Nails

If you are thinking of becoming a She-Hulk this Halloween, t. is no better nail design than this one. And if you’re not, you can make this costume your own. You can either buy adhesive nails or have your nail artist design them for you.

Incredible Hulk NailsIncredible Hulk Nails

Halloween Fake nails

One of the best Halloween acrylic nails that you can easily make yourself by keeping your nails in a square shape and painting them white. Then apply red lipstick to the sharpest nails to give them a bloody effect. T. he is! Now you have the hottest vampire nails in town, and it didn’t even take a minute.

Easy black cat nails for Halloween

We think this Halloween nail art idea for a haunted house and a black cat is the perfect selection. But it can be hard to do it yourself. If you are not confident in your nail polish skills, bring this photo with you when you visit your favorite nail salon, which will surely turn it into an easy Halloween manicure idea. You should paint four nails black with white spots on each side while painting the remaining nails yellow. On the yellow colors, you should paint the decor of a haunted house, with a cat sitting on the moon, next to the stars.

Orange and black manicure

Orange and black manicures will always work well for Halloween, but you can add more personality to the colors with graphics. Small dots and stars make it look cuter than a creeper.

Orange and black manicureOrange and black manicure

Halloween acrylic coffin nails

Prefer a more subtle look? If so, you need to check these nails. The nails are in the shape of a long coffin, and all but one of the nails are rich in red and black ombre. The accent nail has a red marble effect. These Halloween acrylic nails are a spooky design and perfect for those who chose a vampire costume!

Halloween acrylic coffin nailsHalloween acrylic coffin nails

Glitter drip nails for Halloween

Next, we have another idea that uses black and red. These also have shiny drips. We love these nails because they are so chic and appropriate for Halloween. You can find tutorials on the Internet to achieve gradient designs. Also, try other color combinations if red and black aren’t your things.

Glitter drip nails for HalloweenGlitter drip nails for Halloween

Cute lychee nails

Witches are another classic Halloween costume. So why not use witches as inspiration for your nails?! You can create something like this. Here we have a green Halloween manicure with spider web nail art. T. is also a distinctive nail that features an evil witch as well. This lychee nail art design is a scary idea. You can see all the products used and read how to create the rivets on the page below. Recreate the whole look or try green nails with just the witch.

Cute lychee nailsCute lychee nails

Creeper eye nail art

Are you look for quirky and unique nail art? If so, this idea might be perfect for you. Here we have shiny black nails with googly eyes! It’s a simple but intimidating idea. You can paint the eyes by hand or buy actual googly eyes and stick them with nail glue for a 3D effect. Either way, your nails will look great.

Creeper eye nail artCreeper eye nail art

Scary Black Halloween Acrylic Nails

Halloween can be dated back to the time of the ancient Romans, and that was known as a festival called Ponoma. T. was the goddess Ponomoa, and she was the goddess of the harvest, and many of the games we . today on that infamous night actually originated around this time, or so experts believe.

Scary Black Halloween Acrylic NailsScary Black Halloween Acrylic Nails

Halloween black and white nails

The upcoming Halloween design is perfect for ladies with short nails. These nails are painted white with black designs over them. T. is a mixture of dots, ghosts, bats, and more. You can easily create these Halloween acrylic nails at home. You can also add some other colors.

Halloween black and white nailsHalloween black and white nails

Pastel Pumpkin Nails for Halloween

Do you search for a unique Halloween manicure idea? Then these nails are for you. The Halloween acrylic nails feature pastel colors with black pumpkin faces. Recreate the entire look or use just one pastel color. We love these because they are chic, spooky, and creative.

Pastel Pumpkin Nails for HalloweenPastel Pumpkin Nails for Halloween

Easy spider web nails

Spiders eat all the small insects that crawl on you the most – smaller spiders, flies, and other scary reptiles. Without spiders, these tiny insects would have overrun the world. We will be a world made of insects only. Second, what did they do to you anyway?

Easy spider web nailsEasy spider web nails

Cute ghost paper

This ghost sticker reminds us of some of our earliest Halloween costumes – simple, cute, and easy to create. While our tastes (and skills) have grown, that doesn’t mean we can’t channel our childhoods with this fantasy manicure that is equal parts cute. The flowing white ghosts peeking out from different directions make for the whimsical mani we’re sure to wear year after year.

Ghostly feelings

Bring your boo to your next Halloween gathering with spider web and ghost nail art. Paint the spiderwebs on one or all Halloween acrylic nails, then secure them with a ghost-themed nail cap for a mane that will put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

Cosmic energy

It’s not for the minimalist. This galaxy nail art for Halloween is unique for you. Scatter the little white painted stars in every direction, and copy your favorite stars for a personalized mani – no sky limits.


Stars, stripes, and pumpkins

What’s more Halloween than pumpkins? Not much, TBH. We love that this Jack-o-lantern-inspired orange nail takes center stage. With stars, stripes, and drips of color, it’s one of the most fun mani on our list.

Funky Frankenstein

Franken-mani is always a good idea this time of year. Make your look cute, colorful, and unforgettable with stitch-inspired matte Halloween acrylic nails surrounded by bright neon green nails featuring your undying best friend.


Skull print

The prettiest goth-inspired Halloween acrylic nails we’ve seen, period. This skull veil mani is 3D and made with acrylic powder (so it’s best left to the professionals). The matte topcoat gives it a vintage effect that deserves a permanent place in your nail art wardrobe.

French Spiderweb

With black French tips and crisp background, these charming spider web nails are chic? Consider them proof that you can design French mani for any occasion.


Far waves

You can give us your best ’70s look with bombshell waves, super jeans, platforms, and this adorable wavy mane. The pink, gold, and orange waves give it a slightly psychedelic vibe that’s Saturday night’s fever.

Flamin Hot

Fiery flames are a favorite Halloween nail art look because they are bold, eye-catching, and adorable. Plus, with the bold colors of orange and black, it adds a touch (or should we say, luminous) touch to many costumes—devil, wizard, a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos—you name it.


Silly spiders

We never thought we’d find spiders so adorable until we saw them on this pretty purple mane. Spider legs are easy to paint with a very thin paintbrush. Add yellow dots to small objects, and you will have a last-minute nail art idea full of Halloween spirit.

Stylish Vamp

When we think of Manes Vampi, we usually think of sharp, stiletto Halloween acrylic nails. But this softer version is both pretty and practical (aka it won’t scratch your pals and stick to your clothes). The red and black ombre effect makes it perfect for All Hallows Eve, but in our opinion, these Halloween acrylic nails are pretty enough to wear all year round.


Witching hour

This look wins the wow factor. It gives us all the spooky, The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes we want this season and looks like a complete work of art. It takes a steady hand, so you may want to leave this up to your nail professional (unless you’re yourself), but with cats, full moons, and spooky houses, it’ll be well worth the effort.

Glam cow print

Not all Halloween looks are scary. If you like something cute and cuddly and will guarantee you some laughs, then this fun cowboy nail art is for you. Add bright pink dots for a pop of color and a touch of sparkle.


Dreaded baby blues

We see countless nail art designs in the eyeball around Halloween, and they always give us heebie-jeebies. This one is eye-catching, thanks to the contrast of the bright blue on the matte white. Add red veins and blood spots, a design we can’t take our eyes off of them.

While the accent nail features a red marble effect. This Halloween manicure is often a surprising and spooky design, and it’s perfect for those that have chosen a vampire costume for Halloween! We hope that you have found the best Halloween acrylic nail ideas to copy next season. To see more ideas you can see our Pinterest Board “Art Nails“.


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