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3 Condom Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Myth 1: No condom is needed if you’re having oral or an*l s*x

Condoms are not only aimed at preventing pregnancy. They also protect you from STIs. If you are not sure about you or your partner carrying an infection, better be safe now than be sorry later.


Myth 2: Condoms don’t expire

Well, they do! Care enough to read the packet and you’ll see their expiration date. Some may say that using an expired condom is still better than using no condom at all but be cautious as this can cause rashes and irritation. The condom can break easily as it loses its flexibility.


Myth : Condoms are uncomfortable and make you less sensitive

Studies have shown that this is not true. Couples have felt as pleasurable with a condom as they have felt without it. Though some condoms are designed to delay orgasms, this doesn’t mean that they make you less sensitive.