3 Dating Rules That Were Made to Be Broken


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Strategies are smart (I.E. don’t call him three times in a row!) But rules can get you in trouble because they make us live in our heads, act inauthentic and scared. There’s not one right or wrong way to live or to love. here are some dati g rules that have, and can be broken.

1. Never pursue a man: when it comes to dating, you might be frustrated if you stay in the passenger seat and hope to get contacted by men you like. If you’re relaxed, confident and open, you can strike up a conversation with any man you’re drawn to and make a great impression. If he’s not interested, its not because you started talking to him first.

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2. Only date your type. You may think you know exactly what you need to make you happy in love, but be open to the fact that he or she may come in different package than you expect (that doesn’t mean the gift isn’t good).  If you keep dating the same type of person and its not working be open to dating a new type. If you want your dating luck to change, you need to do and date differently! Here’s a hint: stop focusing on how the person looks on paper, and pay attention to how you feel around him. This will tell you everything you need to know.

3. Pretend to be busy. The authors of The Rules stated that women should pretend to have active lives and never accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday. What happened to spontaneity? I’d edit the ‘pretend to be busy rule’ with –Be Busy! Having dynamic interests, hobbies and a great life outside of a man or woman will make singlehood more fun and attract others who will be drawn to your amazing life. Ultimately, pretending to be anything is generally not a good love or life strategy.


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