3 Distinguishing Qualities of a Faithful Man and How to Spot a Cheater


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Can a man be faithful when he has the option to lay in “greener pastures?” Really think about that for a moment. The statement above, if true, would seem to prove otherwise. All men have the option to cheat.

Whether or not a man cheats has little do with availability. It has everything to do with the character of that man. To be, or not to be faithful are both individual choices.

The true measure of a man is determined by his finer qualities not his options to stray. Here are 3 qualities of a real man and how to spot a cheater.

1. A Real Man Has Commitment

I have known men on both sides of the proverbial coin, those who cheat fluently and those who are steadfastly faithful. Both arrive at their chosen destination intentionally. Men who cheat do so with intention.

They use the latest technology to advance their indiscretions. Social media isn’t inherently bad. . and other social media sites don’t ruin relationships. It’s a neutral platform that can be used to honor a woman or to dishonor her. What determines its use is its user. A committed man will use these tools to honor the woman he is committed to with great integrity.

2. A Real Man Has Integrity

Integrity is what a man does when no one is watching. It’s who he is when the camera is off. This man will protect the integrity of his relationship in the presence of his woman and in her absence. He’s not faithful under “duress.”

He avoids situations that will compromise his relationship. It’s not always because he’s afraid that he will cheat. It’s an act of honoring the woman he’s committed to. No other woman should have the same access to him that she has. This is respect.

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3. A Real Man Has Respect

Respect is more than just how a man talks to a woman. That’s a part of it. It’s never acceptable to call a woman “bitch.” Not in jest, not in anger, not at anytime regardless of her behavior. There is no justification for disrespecting a woman in this manner even when she disrespects herself and even when she will allow a man to disrespect her.

Beyond language, respect is how a man treats a woman. This is governed by two things. It’s governed by the value that he places on women in general and the value he places on her individually. At worst, he will treat her with respect simply because she is a woman. If a deeper relationship ensues, his treatment of her will also deepen as the relationship progresses.

A Cheater is Uncommitted, Lacks Integrity, and is Disrespectful

As for those males who choose to be unfaithful, options have very little to do with their choice to be untrue. They search for opportunities to be unfaithful. These poor souls measure manhood by their s*xual conquests. The greater the conquest, the greater the man. This belief governs their interactions with women.

Women should avoid them at all costs. The unfortunate truth is that far too many women choose to indulge these men to their own hurt. Insecure women suffer at the hands of these men whom they seek to “save.” They prove their worthiness for love by their devotion to the men that “need” them. It becomes a vicious cycle where the cards are stacked against them.

There are only two options for men, to be faithful or unfaithful. There are only two options for women, faithful or infaithful men. Choose wisely.



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