3 Easy Wardrobe Malfunction Hacks Every Lady Should Know


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wardrobe malfunction hacks

We all want to look our best all the time. But sometimes, the universe has other plans and just like that, you’re a hot mess!

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen at any time and for any reason so it’s best to stay prepared. With some handy tricks and hacks, you should be able to fix any wardrobe malfunction without breaking a sweat.

Fixing Loose Buttons
wardrobe malfunction hacks

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Have you ever seen one of your . about to fall off? It’s literally hanging on by its last thread and you don’t have time to pull out your sewing kit. You can easily fix it by applying some clear nail polish on the thread. Once the nail polish dries, best believe that . will never come off again.

Battling With A Stuck Zip
wardrobe malfunction hacks

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In a hurry to get into that cute dress and rush out but the zip is stuck? You don’t have time to find something else to wear and you can’t risk having the zip pop in public because you forced it. Here’s one of the numerous wardrobe malfunction hacks. Simply rub some wax along the zipper tracks. This will smooth out the zipper and help it slide through easily. Another option is to rub a chapstick along the zipper tracks the same way as the wax.

Zipper Won’t Stay Up?
wardrobe malfunction hacks

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Ever had a pair of jeans with a zipper that keeps opening up? It will be very embarrassing to have a total stranger call your attention to an open zipper. Here’s what you can do about that. Simply attach a key ring from your key chain to the tiny hole of your zipper. When you’ve zipped up your pants, hook the key ring around the . of pants before .ing it. Problem solved!

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