3 Lies Men Always Tell When They First Meet A Woman: LADIES BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!

8 in every 10 men will tell lies in their first meeting with a woman. However, some lies are not easy to point out at that very moment especially the three listed below, they can only be discovered by a lady after thorough research is done. We have listed down the 3 lies men always tell when they first meet a woman

1. Occupation: Who wants a loser? Men inherently know that women want security, a house in a safe neighborhood and a nice car. Who wants to hear: “Hey man, I saw your girl broke down on the freeway?” Men know women want stability, to settle down and eventually have a family. Unfortunately, saying you’re a garbageman is not as attractive as saying you’re a domestic engineer, doctor, lawyer or some other catchy title. Men know titles attract a woman, so they will use them in hopes of piquing her interest enough to have a conversation. It is really more difficult than you think to strike up conversations with strangers. We are not exactly sure what his long-term plan is with this strategy, but his decision to lie is a short-term remedy to cover up his fear of being rejected for who he really is. Eventually, the man has to realize that once a woman finds out he is being dishonest, she will run for the hills, and he will have removed the one cornerstone a relationship needs in order to succeed: trust. Ultimately, the man who lies about his occupation lacks confidence in himself.

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2. Relationship Status: If a man lies about his relationship status, he is only looking to sleep with or have an affair with you. He is looking for the quickest way into an unsuspecting woman’s bedroom, not knowing that at the same time he is crawling into a black widow spider’s web. This man lacks experience because there are many women who will have an affair without him having to tell a single lie. Perhaps you are asking yourself, why do men go to such great lengths?

Sεxμal experiences with women can be quite an addiction. For a man, each new sexual experience is equivalent to exploring a new land or trying the latest new drug. He is like a kid in a candy store all over again. Yeah! Men, as the curious beings that we are, like to explore and conquer new territory so, much like Christopher Columbus, some of us will lie to discover a new world.

3. Age: Why do men lie about their age? Men who lie about their age are trying to use their “wits” to attract and catch the younger woman. Men are attracted to the younger woman because she is usually more fit and less-experienced. He hopes she comes with less mental baggage and so she can be molded into the woman he needs her to be. You know the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Through trial and error, these men already know that younger women could be potentially scared off by their age and experience. This formula suggests that the quickest road for a man to gain a younger woman’s interest is to make her think he is younger.

Men who take this approach want to make themselves appear in the most attractive and positive light. A man pretending to be younger will have potentially more assets than his competition because they are indeed younger and have had less time to achieve success. Thus, he appears more attractive. So ladies, although age is not a factor in all relationships, it can have a significant effect, depending on your experience and maturity level.

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