3 reasons why some men can’t stay ha.rd with cond.oms


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Some men find it hard to keep an ere.ction once they wear cond.oms.

If you’re one of them, don’t be afraid because there are many men who also experience this problem.

In fact, some people cannot have interco.urse at all because, the man puts on the cond.om, his ere.ction disappears and its ‘se.x-over’ for them.

This can be very frustrating because the need to wear a cond.om cannot be overemphasized, unless one wants to be the next victim of Se.xually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or deal with unwanted pregnancies.

For many people, this only happens with new partners.

So what actually causes it?

Wrong cond.om size – many people do not know it, but the wrong cond.om size can kill off an ere.ction. When you decide to wear a cond.om, you must wear the right size, otherwise, there is no point. When the cond.om becomes tight at the base of the pe.nis, there is a chance that blood flow will be cut off. When this happens, the ere.ction is lost.

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SOLUTION: Always make sure you wear the right cond.om.  Too small will get you tightened up and kill your ere.ction and too large can fall off during se.x.

Se.xual anxiety – many of the cases of impotence after wearing a cond.om is put on is basically caused by anxiety. When the man is experiencing nervousness, pressure and fear because of the expectation, physical and emotional, it can lead to the weakening of the ere.ction.

SOLUTION: clear your head and think about enjoying the experience, rather than performing to a certain standard.

Lack of proper stimulation – some men lose their ere.ctions because their se.xual preferences are not met by their partner. It is a fact that everyone has unique se.xual preferences and favourite foreplays. When these are not gotten, things fall apart and the ere.ction is lost.

SOLUTION: The partners must be willing to meet each other at the point of their se.xual needs. As a man, you must open up and say what exactly you need to get a full ere.ction. If you want oral, hand job, pro.state stimulation of any other fetish, say and get the weapon armed.

It is important to note that the best option for you is to see a doctor who can give you expert advice.

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