Taking your time to remove your makeup is as important as wearing it.

Makeup is an amazing invention because it helps us accentuate all of our amazing facial qualities and also helps us hide our acne scars and spots as we try to tackle them like Faiza Hemed has. Makeup comprises of many ingredients that not only clog our pores but are also harmful to us if we do not remove it properly at night. Nobody wants to age quickly and that is why being strict on yourself and making sure you remove makeup before going to the gym and before going to bed every night.

These are 3 steps you should follow to make sure your skin is clear of all makeup.
1. Use Velvex wet wipes to wipe off eye makeup and lipstick. 

This step will make it so much easier for you because it gets rid of some of the most stubborn colours and makeup products.

Velvex wet wipes


2.  Apply an oil cleanser like the ponds makeup remover all over your face. 

The Koreans have made this process very popular because they believe that the best way to look younger is to make sure makeup is properly removed and also the ingredients they use are not too drying on the skin. Leave the oil cleanser like the Ponds Makeup Remover for about 3 minutes then rinse.

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser Makeup Remover Kenya Zumi

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3. Lastly, use a water-based cleanser like the Garnier Acne Contol cleanser.

This helps get rid of makeup that might have escaped the other two products. It is very popular to use because it helps get rid of the excess oil from the oil cleanser and it also helps remove dirt from your skin.

Garnier Kenya Maybelline Makeup Remover

How do you remove your makeup? . are products Nancie Mwai is using this year.

3 Simple Makeup Removal Steps All Makeup Lovers Need To Learn Today!

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