3 Things To Consider Before Initiating An Office Romance


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Office romance can be fun but comes with a lot of consequences that can be as mild as losing a job especially in cases where office policies are violated. However, if done well it can turn out to be that main reason why you never want to miss a day at office, leave work early and the reason for your happiness at work too.

Before you bump into one, make sure you consider these three factors that will guide you to a swift next move on that colleague you’ve always had a thing for.

1. Office policy: Every work place comes with its set of policies which keeps the organization together. Does your company encourage romantic relationships between co-workers? It’s better you find out before going ahead. Your job may be on the line for doing that, especially if it’s a well-paying one.

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2. Professionalism: Kissing, smooching and all the public displays of affection are a huge no-no in the office. Keep it all inside till you both leave the office. Don’t mix your business with pleasure. Keep your office mails and chats as formal as possible, it would do you both good.

3. Break ups and the aftermath: When things go south and finally breaks off between both of you, how would you handle your relationship from then onwards? After a breakup you both have to move on, doesn’t matter if you were hurt or not, lift your head up and take those baby step towards the next stage of your life.

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