3 Things To Do If You Don’t Want To Tie Gele For Your Traditional WeddingZUMI


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Just about every tribe in Nigeria has the gele headtie as part of the uniform for the bride during the traditional wedding, but is it by force to tie one?
gele for your traditional wedding

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We’re not saying that geles are not beautiful. They are versatile and creative, but you need more options apart from gele for your traditional wedding. That’s where we come in.

We found other options that are just as trendy and stylish:

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1. Nothing

Nothing? Yes, nothing. Style your hair (or leave it down), wear your shoes, and dance your heart out. Your aunties will be fine las las.

2. Use a headdress

Beaded, to fit in with the traditional theme of your wedding. Headdresses come in several different styles. Your family will be too busy looking at their beautiful princess to notice that you’re breaking with tradition.

3. Use actual beads

Beads are usually so plentiful at the traditional wedding, so get creative if you don’t want to tie gele for your traditional wedding. You can improvise and use them to wrap around your updo, or around your brow like a band, or just whatever you want.

Just make sure that you get the best traditional wedding beads, step out with all confidence, and ignore the dirty looks from your relatives.

While you’re doing your thing, you might as well know other ways to break tradition with your wedding. Just get ready to handle your Nigerian mother.





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